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BAHS Spring Conference 2017 Booking

You can pay for the conference via PayPal. You can pay using a Debit or Credit card even if you are not signed up to PayPal. When you click any of the Add to Cart buttons on this page, you will be taken to the BAHS PayPal ‘Shopping Cart’. To add another item, you need to click the ‘Continue Shopping’ button there, which brings you back to this page. Check out on the PayPal page and then return to this site to fill in the form for the conference organiser.

Step 1. Registration fee (payable by all) £40

About PayPal

The BAHS PayPal ‘Shopping Cart’ will open in a separate tab or window. You need to click the ‘Continue Shopping’ button there before you can complete Step 2. If at any stage nothing seems to have happened, find that other tab or window.

Step 2. Add either one resident option or one or more non-resident options:

Resident options   Non-resident options
  • Full conference: en-suite accommodation both nights, and all drinks and meals £200
  • Or Part-resident: en-suite accommodation Monday, with drinks and meals until and including Tuesday lunch £85
  • Or Part-resident: en-suite accommodation Tuesday, with drinks and meals from Tuesday 6 p.m. to Wednesday lunch £115

Add one, two or three days to the cart, as appropriate:

  • Monday £23 (includes dinner)

  • Tuesday choices: with Annual Dinner, £37; or without, £14; or Annual Dinner only, £23:

  • Wednesday £14

Step 3. Check out

Once you have completed steps 1 and 2, you must check out on the PayPal page. Make sure you have added the correct items, and that you have not added an item more than once, because PayPal charges us for making refunds. Any refunds will have to be made at the conference.

Step 4. Confirm

Once you have successfully checked out, please click the Return to Merchant link to return to this site to confirm your booking and let us know of any special requirements you may have.

If you prefer not to pay online please print out the paper booking formPDF file icon, fill it in and send it with a cheque to the address specified.