Essex War Agricultural Committee Records

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Essex War Agricultural Committee Records

Post by Tomasino » 01 Sep 2017, 13:57

Does anyone know where the records of the Essex War Agricultural Committee might be?

I've tried Writtle (which was their contact address), the Essex Record Office, TNA, MERL and the IWM.

It seems odd that records of this important era should have disappeared into thin air.

Any ideas would be very welcome.

Verity Steele
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Alan Wadsworth
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Re: Essex War Agricultural Committee Records

Post by Alan Wadsworth » 03 Sep 2017, 07:39

Essex RO holds Essex WAC records under D/Z 45 in their catalogue - these appear to be for the period 1915-1917.

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Re: Essex War Agricultural Committee Records

Post by rwhoyle » 03 Sep 2017, 07:43

Are we talking about First World war or Second World War?

I don't think that any of the WWI records were ever transferred to the ministry, so if they survive at all they will be found in County Council Records and probably treated as sub-committee of the council (or in private deposits).

For WWII, the main committee minute series were all reclaimed by MAF and ultimately transferred to the National Archives, unless, of course, you are saying that the Essex records were lost along the way. Anything held locally is a bonus. Try MAF 80 at Kew.

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