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Agricultural History Review and open access

Contributors to the Review are asked to notice a number of important changes in policy which come into effect from 1 February 2015.

The first is that from this date, the Review will offer a gold open access route. For a payment of £1700, the Review will make a paper available on both this web site and the Ingenta Web site from the moment of publication. Any contributor wishing to take advantage of this is asked to make the editor aware of their need when they return proofs. An invoice will then be raised to be paid by the appropriate university authority.

It needs to be stressed that that the Review is not soliciting any payment for publication except where the author (or their employing institution) wants a paper to be made openly available online from the time of publication.

For other papers, it has been our policy over a number of years to make them available gratis on our website five years after publication. From February 2015 this has been shortened to 36 months from the end of the year in which the Review appeared, so the Review of 2014 will be made available as a free resource at the beginning of 2018.

In the case of UK HEI-based authors (or authors who hope for employment in UK HEIs), we will, at their request, supply a PDF of the published article which the author can supply to their university institutional repository but only on the understanding that it is not made available to readers until the end of an embargo period lasting 24 months from the date of publication

The Executive Committee of the Society is conscious of the dangers of the circulation of variant copies of the same paper, one prior to editing and one as published. Therefore, if an author wishes (or is required) to deposit the ‘pre-print’ version of a paper in their university repository, then the Society will require an embargo period of 36 months from the date of acceptance.

February 2015