Rural History 2010 was the first international meeting of rural and agricultural historians. Exactly 200 papers on aspects of the agricultural and rural history of the last two millennia were presented, in addition to the two plenary lectures by Professor Bruce Campbell of Queen's University, Belfast and Professor Jules Pretty of the University of Essex. Professor Campbell spoke on 'Agriculture and national incomes in Europe, c.1300-1850', and Professor Pretty on 'Sustainability in agricultural and rural systems: recent history and future challenges'.

During the conference, the Harca group interviewed Professor Richard Hoyle, chairman of the organising committee and Professor Christopher Dyer. The Harca group also posted this on their blog.

Now we are all back at work... Bringing in the corn ... you may like to look at some photographs of the conference:

[Monday 13 September] | [Tuesday 14 September] | [Wednesday 15 September] | [Thursday 16 September].

Or read the full text of some of the papers. Drill down from the session timetable or use the Participants list, which now uses this symbol PDFicon to indicate which participants have uploaded papers.

If you still want to upload your paper, and are looking for the mechanism, the mechanism is to send it to the Rural History 2010 Conference Administrator. PDF is preferred, but I can make PDFs out of Word files. I will go on uploading PDFs unless I am too busy doing something else.

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"Cows" detail from an illustration by Charles Tunnicliffe, reproduced by permission of the The Estate of C F Tunnicliffe.
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