Name, LocationHeld atCountyReferenceStart dateEnd dateCommentsLinkTags
William Barber, StopsleyMerlBedfordshireD89/118151837Ramridge End Farm, n LutonUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsAccounts, M/S
John PedleyBedsBedfordshireX141/1-717731850Sounds possibleBedfordshire Archives Service Catalogue | DetailsDiary, M/S
James Davidson, SharnbrookMerlBedfordshireFR BED 518021806Colworth FarmUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsAccounts, M/S
John William Foll, HarlingtonBedsBedfordshireX52/7218471847Diary prob by a pupilBedfordshire Archives Service Catalogue | DetailsDiary,
Benyon papersBerks ROBerkshireD/EBY/A6-818101825Berkshire Record Office Collections (, M/S
Benyon papersBerks ROBerkshireD/EBY/A12/1-818381847Brief accountsBerkshire Record Office Collections (, M/S
AnonBerks ROBerkshireD/EW1/E1718241834Berkshire Record Office Collections (, M/S
AnonBerks ROBerkshireD/EBT/F24/518431844Red notebookBerkshire Record Office Collections (, Accounts, M/S
Henry Hunter, StratfieldBerks ROBerkshireD/EHR/E217691780Beech Hill estateBerkshire Record Office Collections (, M/S
John LoderBerks ROBerkshireD/ELS/A116771679detailed but illiterateBerkshire Record Office Collections (, M/S
Robert Loder, HarwellBerks ROBerkshireD/ELS/A816101620Princes Manor Farm, poss same LodersBerkshire Record Office Collections (, Accounts, M/S
Buscot estateBerks ROBerkshireD/ELV/E67 -6817921822Berkshire Record Office Collections (, M/S
AnonBerks ROBerkshireD/EP1/E117121718Berkshire Record Office Collections (, M/S
Henry Stuart Smith, WargraveBerks ROBerkshireD/ESV/M/E117251739part of larger collection of papersBerkshire Record Office Collections (, M/S
Strouds Farm, BradfieldBerks ROBerkshireD/ESV/M/E617581765also notes of crops 1758-1768, D/ESV/M/E6, plus D/ESV/M/E-10/1-3, and D/ESV/M/E8Berkshire Record Office Collections (, M/S
Stevens family, HambledonBerks ROBuckinghamshireD/ESV/M/E1617391743Greeland Farm, Bucks and a mill in Cuxham, also E18, E22 years 1740-79Berkshire Record Office Collections (, M/S
Thomas StevensBerks ROBerkshireD/ESV/M/F5417801786includes memo on buying trees, rents; also D/ESV/M/F65/1-2 (personal and farm accounts)Berkshire Record Office Collections (, M/S
Anon, South Fawley FarmBerks ROBerkshireD/EW/E23/418451872various papers, not sure of locationBerkshire Record Office Collections (, M/S
Anon, Whatcombe FarmBerks ROBerkshireD/EW/E23/518441873various papers, not sure of locationBerkshire Record Office Collections (, M/S
Rev H WilderBerks ROBerkshireD/EW1/E1618001809personal and farm accountsBerkshire Record Office Collections (, M/S
Anon, no locationBerks ROBerkshireD/EW1/E1818151817Berkshire Record Office Collections (, M/S
Bisham FarmBerks ROBerkshireD/EX73/1/3/918021812detailed accounts, also 1812-1821 (/10), 1822-1825 (/11)Berkshire Record Office Collections (, M/S
Stainswick Farm, BourtonBerks ROBerkshireD/EX511/2617681797rent book with accounts (mainly wood)Berkshire Record Office Collections (, M/S
Possibly Marten’s Hall farm, LongworthBerks ROBerkshireD/EX654/218241836farm owned by James DeweBerkshire Record Office Collections (, M/S
Ufton Court, no locationBerks ROBerkshireD/EZ2417631769also D/EZ24/A1 1763-1769 bailiff’s accountsBerkshire Record Office Collections (, M/S
Anon, SwallowfieldBerks ROBerkshireD/EY/A318421851detailed accounts, Swallowfield Place FarmBerkshire Record Office Collections (, M/S
Stephen Mundy, AbingdonBerks ROOxfordshireD/EX2020/818101839farm at Shippon, also Kennington; also D/EX2020/9 1846-77Berkshire Record Office Collections (, M/S
Charlton, WantageMerlBerkshireFR BER 3318361942University of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsDiary, Accounts, M/S
John Edgson, Britwell, BurnhamMerlBuckinghamshireFR BUC 1517881805Upper FarmUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsM/S
John Pope Fordham, little KimbleBucksBuckinghamshireD-X 992/2 – /618221833CalmView: Overview (, M/S
James Todd, HardwickBucksBuckinghamshireD9018381894The Poplars, record unclear as whether 1838 or 1894CalmView: Overview (, M/S
Bell family, BiertonBucksBuckinghamshireD89/118421932tenants of Church FarmDiary, Accounts, M/S
Townsend family, MedmenhamBucksBuckinghamshireD8518011855Wood End farm, part of large collection, poss posh familyCalmView: Overview (, M/S
Farm in Sir John Chester’s handsBucksBuckinghamshireD-C/2/4317431748unsure if rented outCalmView: Overview (, M/S
Relate to George Gill, farm unnamedBucksBuckinghamshireD-C/4/6217301752part of Chester estate papersCalmView: Overview (, M/S
Clayton estate incl Harleyford ManorBucksBuckinghamshireD-CE15041835part of v large collection, much material 18th centuryCalmView: Overview (, M/S
Labourer at West WycombeBucksBuckinghamshireD-D/A/2818281829Labourer’s accounts, Cookshall FarmCalmView: Overview (, M/S
John Rothery for Wm DrakeBucksBuckinghamshireD-DR/2/6217641767No farm name, part of larger collectionCalmView: Overview (, M/S
for Admiral Sir Thos FrancisBucksBuckinghamshireD-FR/41/718021808part of larger collection of papersCalmView: Overview (, M/S
Mr Doe, part of Sir Thos Fremantle papersBucksBuckinghamshireD-FR/126/318401846part of larger collection of papersCalmView: Overview (, M/S
Mr Miller, part of Sir Thos Fremantle’s papersBucksBuckinghamshireD-FR/126/418461851part of larger collection of papersCalmView: Overview (, M/S
BledlowBucksBuckinghamshireD-JCN/1/518171819Forty Green Farm, also Buckland Farm 1818, 1823CalmView: Overview (, M/S
Chesham, Geary’s FarmBucksBuckinghamshireD-LO/1/6/54-7216891721part of much larger collection, Lowndes familyCalmView: Overview (, M/S
WendoverBucksBuckinghamshireD-MH/28/1817501774steward’s bookCalmView: Overview (, M/S
Byram estateBucksBuckinghamshireD-RA/A/4B/317691777part of much larger collection, Duke of SomersetCalmView: Overview (, M/S
Newton Farm, NewtonMerlCambridgeshireFR CAM 617701864Bottisham, farm acct book on microfilm CAM 6/1/1University of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | Detailspart on microfilm, Diary, Accounts, M/S
Fulbourn, 3 farmsMerlCambridgeshireFR SUF P26518081861Hall, Heath and Coles FarmsUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | Detailsmicrofilm and photcopPublished, Accounts,
Bottisham, Fulbourn, 2 farmsMerlCambridgeshireFR CAM P28218361840Towns End farm (Bottisham), Ludlows farm (Fulbourn)Search Results for towns end ( , Diary, Accounts,
HistonCamb ArchivesCambridgeshireK30015261898Taylor and Kettle family collectionCalmView: Overview (, M/S
poss GrantchesterCamb ArchivesCambridgeshireKL 95/7a17501850W M Palmer’s collectionCalmView: Overview (, M/S
Mortlock Bank and estate, Thomas WesternCamb ArchivesCambridgeshireK 509/7/1/317341750farm labourer’s accounts, part of larger collectionCalmView: Overview (, M/S
Meldreth (George Palmer also Mary Palmer)Camb ArchivesCambridgeshireK273/2/6 (273/B1)17611787harvest day bookCalmView: Overview (, M/S
Richard Angier of CotonCamb ArchivesCambridgeshireKAR 58/9/4/3 (R58/9/4/3)18361856farm and household accountsCalmView: Overview (, M/S
Peter PownallMerlCheshireFR CHE 1/1/117821798farm diary, later account book belonged to a well-known familySearch Results for peter pownall ( ; ;Published, Diary, Accounts, M/S
Great Barrow, James HigginsonCheshire ArchivesCheshireDDX 10618171819owner occupierCalmView: Record (, M/S
The House and Farm Accounts of the Shuttleworths of Gawthorpe Hall, in the County of Lancaster, at Smithils and GawthorpeCheshire ArchivesLancashire206013158216214 volumesCalmView: Record ( book, Accounts,
John Byram, Overpool, WirralCheshire ArchivesCheshire212981 ; 22239018391871Pool Farm, Little Sutton, cheese accounts. There is a journal article on these records.CalmView: Record ( article?, Accounts,
John Cross, SandiwayCheshire ArchivesCheshire214017 ; 21401718381861Agent for 2 large estates; collection includes 2 day books, farm and garden accounts, farm labour acctsCalmView: Record (, Accounts,
Okell Family of BarrowCheshire ArchivesLancashireMF 2617981899part of larger collection of papersCalmView: Record (, Accounts,
Anon, no locationCheshire ArchivesUnknownDEO 198/118181822poultry and dairy accounts signed JF, farm not knownCalmView: Overview (, M/S
Old Pale Farm, KingswoodCheshire ArchivesCheshireDCH/Q/517831876CalmView: Record (, M/S
Old Pale Farm, KingswoodCheshire ArchivesCheshireDCH/Q/917811804misc accountsCalmView: Record (, M/S
The Hall ? CreweCheshire ArchivesCheshireDCR/47/218151820CalmView: Record (, M/S
Austerton, Thomas FurberCheshire ArchivesCheshireDDX 15017671822College Fields FarmCalmView: Record ( copPublished, Accounts,
Linstead, RendhamCheshire ArchivesSuffolkDE 09185818583 months accountsCalmView: Record (, M/S
Alderley Park estateCheshire ArchivesCheshireDSA 241 (and 241/1A)17981911Accounts and day book, poss 1830; also ref 241/1B, 241/2CalmView: Record (, M/S
Alderley Park estateCheshire ArchivesCheshireDSA 358817951828CalmView: Record (, M/S
Wettenhall Farm estateCheshire ArchivesCheshireP36/4550/618371900CalmView: Record (, M/S
James Daxon, Newton-le-WillowsCheshire ArchivesMerseysideWMS 274818311843Overbank Farm, a notebookCalmView: Record (, M/S
Various farm accountsCornwallCornwallAR / 1115721801Various locations, some unknownAccounts, M/S
Refers to rents, unsure of locationCornwallCornwall?AR/11/4416411650Book,Kresen KernowAccounts, M/S
Coryton family, PentillieCornwallCornwallCY/536218291829also CY/5362, 5361, 5358, 5363Kresen KernowAccounts, M/S
LamettonCornwallCornwallR/454316451652Kresen KernowAccounts, M/S
Lambriggan, PerranzabuloeCornwallCornwallEN/135617211743also EN/1357, EN/1358, EN/1359Kresen KernowAccounts, M/S
James Martyn, CastlewitchCornwallCornwallBW/31/2117301731CallingtonKresen KernowAccounts, M/S
Reperry Manor, Mawgan?CornwallCornwallAR/3/33316991699Kresen KernowAccounts, M/S
Penrose family, SithneyCornwallCornwallRP/V/17118351836cider accountsKresen KernowAccounts, M/S
Rogers family, TreassoweCornwallCornwallRP/V/26217731826LudgvanKresen KernowAccounts, M/S
St BreockCornwallCornwallP19/28/26a18491878Kresen KernowAccounts, M/S
TreffryCornwallCornwallX55/618031806Kresen KernowAccounts, M/S
Trinity Barton, LanliveryCornwallCornwallAR/3/40816611668Kresen KernowAccounts, M/S
Enys, St GluviasCornwallCornwallEN/132718001803also EN1326, EN1325, EN1329, EN/1330, EN/1328Kresen KernowAccounts, M/S
Tehidy, IlloganCornwallCornwallJ/1/172617461754also J/1/1727, J/1/1728Kresen KernowAccounts, M/S
Tiphill Farm, WerringtonCornwallCornwallX347/218351842Kresen KernowAccounts, M/S
Penrose, St ErvanCornwallCornwallX268/6017951819Kresen KernowAccounts, M/S
Toby Tooker, St BlazeyCornwallCornwallCN/174017321737Kresen KernowAccounts, M/S
Billacott, North PetherwinCornwallCornwallX355/2818491866Kresen KernowAccounts, M/S
Ashmore most often mentionedCornwallDorsetAR/11/4616681672Kresen KernowAccounts, M/S
PortledgeCornwallDevonX112/13117831784also X112/329Kresen KernowAccounts, M/S
John Adams, BurratonCornwallCornwallX355/395/118521879Kresen KernowAccounts, M/S
Nancarrow, St AllenCornwallCornwallX968/718501857Kresen KernowAccounts, M/S
Nansough, Stencoose, PenhaleCornwallCornwallX574/1718281837Kresen KernowAccounts, M/S
Trewarthenick, CornellyCornwallCornwallG/166117981801Kresen KernowAccounts, M/S
Thomas of MullionCornwallCornwallX393/7718471859Kresen KernowAccounts, M/S
Richard Lobb with George BorlaseCornwallCornwallKL/4/818231830Kresen KernowAccounts, M/S
Carnedon by LauncestonCornwallCornwallBW/31/1917271727Kresen KernowAccounts, M/S
Laity family, St ErthCornwallCornwallX739/9/118421863Kresen KernowAccounts, M/S
St Columb MajorCornwallCornwallWH/1/580718521862Kresen KernowAccounts, M/S
Walter Littleton, LanliveryCornwallCornwallX962/618481872says is withdrawnKresen KernowAccounts, M/S
Richard and Theophilus Willcocks, Tregorden, EgloshayleCornwallCornwallFS/3/70618061812Kresen KernowAccounts, M/S
James West, St BreockCornwallCornwallX1011/5418481850notebook, looks interestingKresen KernowAccounts, M/S
Pendarves, CamborneCornwallCornwallAD2258/1/8218421844includes names of labourers and animalsKresen KernowAccounts, M/S
barton of Benalua, St GermainsCornwallCornwallSN/37017001705Kresen KernowAccounts, M/S
Carthew and Trenouth?CornwallCornwallP 185/4/118381845notebook, poss of churchwardenKresen KernowAccounts, M/S
Rillaton, LinkihorneCornwallCornwallX1189/118571875Stratton familyKresen KernowAccounts, M/S
not specifiedCornwallCornwallAD1617531779part of misc collectionKresen KernowAccounts, M/S
Markwell estate, St ErneyCornwallCornwallP58/28/518131830large estate?Kresen KernowAccounts, M/S
Uppacott, KilkamptonCornwallCornwallFS/3/66418481880facsimile only; records of this farm also at Merl, FR COR 6, 1839-1891Kresen Kernow ;, M/S
LauncellsCornwallCornwallX347/318441847Kresen KernowAccounts, M/S
St AustellCornwallCornwallCF/1/381817181718farm name?, only a few pages of accountsKresen KernowAccounts, M/S
St Austell?CornwallCornwallCF/1/337517571770Rashleigh family, wealthy?Kresen KernowAccounts, M/S
R Hawke, Bodgate, Nrth PetherwinCornwallCornwallX355/2718351838also X355/71Kresen KernowAccounts, M/S
Martyn family, Penpol, CrantockCornwallCornwallFS/3/1674/118331906facsimile onlyKresen KernowAccounts, M/S
John Rogers, BlislandCornwallCornwallAD1136/117761791Kresen KernowAccounts, M/S
Lecture on farm accountsCornwallCornwallX1201/118441844volume containing speeches made ot East Cornwall Experimental SocietyKresen KernowPublished, Accounts,
LanhydrockCornwallCornwallCL/6/7/218041805gentry estate, part of larger collectionKresen KernowAccounts, M/S
Warwick Mohun of LuneyCornwallCornwallAD448/3517051706part of collection ‘extracts from documents’Kresen KernowAccounts, M/S
Various manors, unspecifiedCornwallCornwallAR/1115721801Kresen KernowAccounts, M/S
Jonathan Dawes, Higher Tolcarne Farm, St MawganCornwallCornwallAD677/118401849book covered in parchment, covers 18-19th centuryKresen KernowAccounts, M/S
unknownCornwallCornwallAD2134/3/4/118591859part of larger collection, unspecified location and no nameKresen KernowDiary, M/S
Bonallack Barton, ConstantineCornwallCornwallX1083/2/818501854Kresen KernowDiary, M/S
Fortescue family of BoconnocCornwallCornwallF/3/14, F/3/1517261968very wealthy family, large estateKresen KernowAccounts, M/S
Curwen family of Workington HallWhitehavenCumbriaDCU/Additional/22918021804presume wealthy family; also DCU/Additional/276, also /300CASCAT: Record (, Accounts, M/S
Lowther family, Great OrtonCarlisle ROCumbriaDX 1256/417271855pocket books for various farmsCASCAT: Record (, M/S
William Fisher, Low FurnessBarrow ROCumbriaBDX 533/218111859photocopy and notes from an MA; also original BDY 19CASCAT: Record (, Diary, Accounts,
Crook Farm, UlphaBarrow ROCumbriaBDTB/25/1(b)/1418381843CASCAT: Record (, Accounts,
Whinfield Ground Farm, Lowick BridgeBarrow ROCumbriaBMF/1518501874microfilmCASCAT: Record (, Accounts,
Broughton -in-FurnessBarrow ROCumbriaBPR 6/F/318441864not sure if farm namedCASCAT: Record (, M/S
Cragg Farm, MuncasterWhitehavenCumbriaDBH/24/52/718341868CASCAT: Record (, M/S
John Vickers, RavenglassWhitehavenCumbriaDBH/24/52/1118291879yeomanCASCAT: Record (, M/S
Cowper of UnthankCarlisle ROCumbriaDCC/1/6318411843part of larger collection of papers, some agriculturalCASCAT: Record (, M/S
not specifiedWhitehavenCumbriaDCU/CC1/217891789CASCAT: Record (, M/S
Brocklewath FarmCumbriaDHUD/17/10618321838not sure of location[Great Corby, Cumberland]CASCAT: Record (, M/S
Lamplugh Hall estateWhitehavenCumbriaDLAM/3/24/217431827CASCAT: Record (, M/S
Old Town Farm, ArmathwaiteCarlisle ROCumbriaDLONS/L/BOX/86218521883CASCAT: Record (, M/S
Grassing House Farm, WarnellCarlisle ROCumbriaDLONS/L/BOX/87916721811CASCAT: Record (
Laleham estateCarlisle ROMiddlesexD/LONS/Lsleham/4/1817501750misc accountsCASCAT: Record (, M/S
John Ostle, Newtown, Holm CultramCarlisle ROCumbriaDPH/1/28/118551886bound photocopyCASCAT: Record (, Accounts,
Thrivewell FarmCarlisle ROCumbriaDSEN/5/4/5/117831784CASCAT: Record (, M/S
NetherhallCarlisle ROCumbriaDSEN/5/4/5/418021805CASCAT: Record (, M/S
Grge Mounsey, Birkettfield, ThrelkeldCarlisle ROCumbriaDX 135/117621846CASCAT: Record (, M/S
Lowgrove FarmCarlisle ROCumbriaDX 448/616201780not sure of locationCASCAT: Record (, M/S
WigtonCarlisle ROCumbriaDX 769/15118301830instructions for managing 100 acre farm, flax cropCASCAT: Record (, M/S
Margaret Parker, WreayCarlisle ROCumbriaDX 1235/168-17117921850farming and household accts, part of larger collectionCASCAT: Record (, M/S
Farm account books and Garstang Overseers statements of accountsCarlisle ROCumbriaDX 148918041837not sure of locationCASCAT: Record (, M/S
Agglethrope tenants’ farm accountsKendalCumbriaWDCW/7/3117001800family of Casterton recordsCASCAT: Record (, M/S
Woodhead Farm, LowtherKendalCumbriaDEC 21/1/1/618481909incluces correspondenceCASCAT: Record (, M/S
NibthwaiteKendalCumbriaWDRY/BOX 10718221869CASCAT: Record (, M/S
Rydal Hall estateKendalCumbriaWDRY/1/8/317581937CASCAT: Record (, M/S
Sandford manorKendalCumbriaWDS 46/3/6318491863New Hall farm, Sandford manorCASCAT: Record (, M/S
Townend, TroutbeckKendalCumbriaWDTE/BOX 8/718431861George Browne accts, continued by wife LucyCASCAT: Record (, M/S
Jonathan Alderson, BroughKendalCumbriaWDX 341/117581811Bell family recordsCASCAT: Record (, M/S
Dent areaKendalCumbriaWDX 45416841977various farmsCASCAT: Record (, M/S
Shuttleworth family, Gawthorpe HallKendalLancashireWDX 1334/1715821621printed by the Chetham Soc in 4 volumes, 1856-1858Published, Accounts,
Killington areaKendalCumbriaWDY 2317811789photocopy, no name or specific farmCASCAT: Record (, Accounts,
Whinfield Farm, PenningtonBarrow ROCumbriaZ /45918501854also William Penny farm in Lancaster, 1850-1854, also Z/460CASCAT: Record (, M/S
Forman family, ChellastonDerbyshire RODerbyshireD441717731825part of large archive, landowners, much looks interestingCalmView: Overview (, Accounts, M/S
Cockshutt Heathcote, LittleoverDerbyshire RODerbyshireD6104/55/1-318381843M/S
Strutt family farmDerbyshire RODerbyshireD694818011869part of large archive, family were cotton spinners, with a farmCalmView: Overview (, ?, M/S
William Gould, land agentDerbyshire RODerbyshireD2209/1016801774lareg estate papers, incl diary; also pub as “Ducal estate management in Georgian Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire : the diary of William Gould, 1783-1788” (Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire, 2006)CalmView: Overview (, Diary, M/S
Matthew Gibbons, RowsleyDerbyshire RODerbyshireD4362/1/117611762Diary transcribed and published 1994CalmView: Overview (, Diary, M/S
Francis Browne, Lings Farm, North WingfieldDerbyshire RODerbyshireD6006/2/118601860CalmView: Overview (, M/S
Cockshutt Heathcote, LittleoverDerbyshire RODerbyshireD6104/55/1-318381843just a few pages, relate to farming, part of larger estate collectionCalmView: Overview (, M/S
Linton Farm, DrakelowDerbyshire RODerbyshireD77/4/1/216251626part of large estate, is summary of accountsCalmView: Overview (, M/S
Christopher Tomlinson, Leek OkeoverDerbyshire RODerbyshireD231/M/E/4853-500817561765some farm accounts at back of book, estate cover StaffordshireCalmView: Overview (, M/S
Watson accounts for Hopton Hall Wirksworth, also 29/2/6 and 2/7 and 2/8Derbyshire RODerbyshireD258/29/2/1-418131822part of estate recordsCalmView: Overview (, M/S
William Fidler, Great LongstoneDerbyshire RODerbyshireD307/H/3517521781draft farm accountsCalmView: Overview (, M/S
Edward Miller Mundy, Shipley Hall, HeanorDerbyshire RODerbyshireD517/BOX/12/418241825CalmView: Overview (, M/S
Matthew Knowles, accts of Matlock Bank farmDerbyshire RODerbyshireD1456/UL/2017.02/218291834part of larger collectionCalmView: Overview (, M/S
Stainsby Mill Farm, DronfieldDerbyshire RODerbyshireD179017811891CalmView: Overview (, M/S
Hassop Hall FarmDerbyshire RODerbyshireD1883/1/218431843part of Hassop hall estateCalmView: Overview (, M/S
George Biddulph, TicknallDerbyshire RODerbyshireD2375/D/D/43/916141633CalmView: Overview (, M/S
Upper Gatton HouseDerbyshire ROSurreyD2375/H/G/3/4/1118141814part of Calke Abbey estate, see also 3/4/12Accounts, M/S
Howard Farm, BarlowDerbyshire RODerbyshireD261518211859part of larger estateCalmView: Overview (, M/S
Pickford family, King SterndaleDerbyshire RODerbyshireD2802/518441858also house and garden acctsCalmView: Overview (, M/S
Fox and Shirt families, EdaleDerbyshire RODerbyshireD2863/UL17301900part of much larger collectionCalmView: Overview (, M/S
Wilmot-Horton family, CattonDerbyshire RODerbyshireD3155/WH/2419-243217311816CalmView: Overview (, M/S
Milford FarmDerbyshire RODerbyshireD3772/E53/9/118231828location not specifiedCalmView: Overview (, M/S
Francis Tantum HowittDerbyshire RODerbyshireD4734/6/16/218321839location not specified, collection also cover NottsCalmView: Overview (, M/S
Sir Robert Burdett’s handDerbyshire RODerbyshireD5054/13/6/117641773refers to stock, see also /6/2CalmView: Overview (, M/S
Markeaton parish farmDerbyshire RODerbyshireD6562/117521783looks to be parish recordCalmView: Overview (, M/S
Bunting family, AshoverDerbyshire RODerbyshireD7232/118061859part of larger collectionCalmView: Overview (, M/S
Wood St Farm, Piddle Farm, BovingtonMerlDorsetFR DOR P32417851785held on microfilmUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsPublished, Diary,
Samuel Crane, Bloxworth estateDorset RODorsetD-37317701817includes a ‘waste book’BLOXWORTH ESTATE ARCHIVE. – Epexio (, Accounts, M/S
John Richards, WarmwellDorset RODorsetD-PLR/F/6516921694Diary of John Richards of Warmwell. Contains details of farming and personal activities. – Epexio (, M/S
farm at PoxwellDorset RODorsetFR DOR 8/1/117811783University of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsAccounts, M/S
James Warne, WoolDorset RODorsetD-406/117571757detailed diary from Woodstreet FarmDiary of James Warne of Woodstreet Farm, Wool, farmer.. – Epexio (, M/S
John Elliot, Lower Sutton Farm, South MiltonMerlDevonFR – DEV 317511759part of large collection, said to include journal of Edward Arthur 1843University of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsPublished, Diary, M/S
Abigail Blackmore, Ridgefarm, ClayhidonDevon Heritage CentreDevonZAMF/2/318061847Farm account book of Abigail Blackmore of Ridgewood Farm, Clayhidon – Epexio (, M/S
ArlingtonNorth Devon RODevon50/11/4918271828unspecified farm[ARLINGTON] – Epexio (, Accounts, M/S
Cornham FarmBodleianDevonMS. Top. Devon e. 1118451857William Hannem, ‘A History of Twelve Years Life on Exmoor’, edited transcript available‘A History of Twelve years life on Exmoor’, by William Hannem of Cornham Farm, Exmoor , Devon, 1845-1857 | Bodleian Archives & Manuscripts (, Accounts,
Layer Marney Towers FarmMerlEssexFR ESS P30018361856microfilmUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsPublished, Accounts,
Carter familyEssex ArchivesEssexD/DU 139117931797location not specifiedEssex Archives Online – Catalogue: D/DU 1391Diary, M/S
James Overall, StebbingEssex ArchivesEssexD/DU 851 add (A13925)18081848part of larger collectionEssex Archives Online – Catalogue: A13925Diary, M/S
Savill family, BockingEssex ArchivesEssexD/DCd A818271845Essex Archives Online – Catalogue: D/DCd A8Accounts, M/S
St Leonard’s Farm, NazeingEssex ArchivesEssexD/Dyc 6/118111823Essex Archives Online – Catalogue: D/DYc 6/1Diary, Accounts, M/S
various farms, incl South HallMerlEssexFR ESS P39317991867also West Hall, South Hall, LondoneysUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsAccounts, M/S
4 farms, AlthorneMerlEssexFR ESS P30418321877RUNWELL HALL FARM, SOUTH HALL FARM, FARM AT GREAT HENNY AND BRIDGE MARSH FARM, ALTHORNEUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsAccounts, M/S
Edmund Rich, Glebe Barn farm, DidmartinGloucestershire ArchivesGloucestershireD1277518471855transcribed by Tetbury Local History Soc, detailed entries for farming practicesCalmView: Overview (, Diary,
Iles family of Tormaton and BadmintonGloucestershire ArchivesGloucestershireD1172118001850part uncatalogued archivesCalmView: Overview (, Accounts, M/S
Temple Guiting and Bourton-on-the-WaterGloucestershire ArchivesGloucestershireD1312218001850part uncatalogued archives, some refer to Kineton Home FarmCalmView: Overview (, Accounts, M/S
Hardings Farm, Stow on the WoldMerlGloucestershireFR GLO 1/2/118221823University of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsAccounts, M/S
Cadle family of Westbury on Severn, also farms at Hailes, Winchcombe and ToddingtonMerlGloucestershireFR GLO P25717931878microfilmUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsAccounts, M/S
Dyrham estateGloucestershire ArchivesGloucestershireD1799/A51-5818541864diary entries are briefCalmView: Overview (, Accounts, M/S
Hyatt family of SnowshillGloucestershire ArchivesGloucestershireD226717991931CalmView: Overview (, M/S
Hen Sturmy of SwindonGloucestershire ArchivesGloucestershireD23 75/E217031711memoranda too, part of family archiveCalmView: Overview (, M/S
Littledean farmerGloucestershire ArchivesGloucestershireD569217751775Forest of DeanCalmView: Overview (, M/S
Grove Farm, Lyde Green, MangotsfieldMerlGloucestershireFR GLO P100417731867held on microfilmUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsPublished, Accounts,
White family of SelborneBodleianHampshireMSS. Eng. misc. b. 33-7, c. 154-7, c. 198, d. 230, d. 241, f. 6517851826not Gilbert White, includes gardening and general lifeDiaries of the White Family of Selborne – Archives Hub (, M/S
John HarrisonHerefordshire ArchivesHampshireE1/6418041811farm not named, or locationFarm accounts – Epexio (, M/S
Bailey of BroughtonHampshire ROHampshire96M88/118151867Diary, Accounts, M/S
George Leer, Ditcham Farm, nr PetersfieldSomerset heritageHampshireDD/HY/7/2/2517871787Farming diary of George Leer of Ditcham Farm, near Petersfield, Hampshire. – Epexio (,
Richard Hinxman of Titchfield and BotleyHampshire ROHampshire108A04/1 & Misc fiche 732-73618171824microfiche, various farms, detailedPublished, Diary,
North Waltham Farm, North WalthamMerlHampshireFR HAN P28517861823microfilmUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsPublished, Accounts,
J Twynam, HoughtonMerlHampshireFR HAN 9/1/118451847includes records of sowing, cropping, stockUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsDiary, Accounts, M/S
John Thorp, Manor Farm, Preston CandoverMerlHampshireD 72/1417571781University of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsDiary,
Hicks Beach family, Coln St Aldwyn and Great WitcombeGloucestershire ArchivesHampshireD24/5517121947part of v large collection, wealthy familyCalmView: Overview (, M/S
Powells Farm, Bentworth, AltonMerlHampshirelibrary pamphlet 3530-BOX 04/2318391848photocopy of handwritten transcriptSearch Results for farm accounts (, Accounts,
Richard Hinton, Little Somborne FarmMerlHampshireFR HAN 11/2/1181518462 partsUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsDiary, M/S
Eggar familyHampshire ROHampshire4M51/288-29418201884als day book of crops 1828-1867, hop ownersAccounts, M/S
Lower, Mortimer and MayHampshire ROHampshire4M92/G11/518441871Farm diary, farm ledger and cash book 2 volsDiary, Accounts, M/S
Mr Born of EggesfordHampshire ROHampshire15M84/5/3/2/1518431843Diary March-June 1843Diary,
HeckfieldMerlHampshireFR HAN 7/217081907various farm accounts and papersUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsAccounts, M/S
John Carrington and son, Bacons Farm, BramfieldHertfordshire ArchivesHertfordshireDE/X317801810large collection, diaries cover 1798-1810Diaries of John Carrington, senior and junior farmers, of Bacons Farm, Bramfield, and associated papers, c1780-1948 (, Diary, Accounts,
Bovingdon Bury FarmMerlHertfordshireFR HERT 717611785University of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsAccounts, M/S
James SpencerHerefordshire ArchivesHerefordshireN44 11-1418151822journal covers 1815-1822, accts up to 1855Farm Accounts – Epexio (, Accounts, M/S
Cannon BridgeHerefordshire ArchivesHerefordshireBH 19/1-218221869Farm accounts – Epexio (, M/S
Garnons EstateHerefordshire ArchivesHerefordshireD52/ 83/ 1218391844Farm accounts – Epexio (, M/S
Ballard family, LedburyHerefordshire ArchivesHerefordshireK 13/1417941795memo book, incl diary entriesFragmentary memorandum book (Ballard family?) containing farm and other accounts, diary entries, receipts of rents paid and calculations of expenses likely to be incurred in method of manuring. – Epexio (, Accounts, M/S
Pembridge, Eardisland and MiddletonHerefordshire ArchivesHerefordshireR8618371872various farm accountsAccount Books – Epexio (, M/S
Hopton familyHerefordshire ArchivesHerefordshireR93/0854718001815location unspecified, poss also 1788-1800, 1779-1787Accounts – Epexio (, M/S
Moccas estate, Hopton familyHerefordshire ArchivesHerefordshireJ56x17811817part of larger collection, M/S
Mr Baughn’s Day bookHerefordshire ArchivesHerefordshireJ56/IV/117151717part of Moccas collection, location unknownPaper notebook bound in part of a deed, and labelled “Mr. Baughan’s Day Book” giving journal expenditure on household, farm, personal account – Epexio (, M/S
Hampton Court estate – day booksHerefordshire ArchivesHerefordshireE41/45-5018191867large estateSearch results (farm day book) – Epexio (, M/S
Farm day bookHerefordshire ArchivesHerefordshireF10/12318491885part of Moccas collection, location unknownDay books (Farm) – Epexio (, M/S
Wavell SmithHerefordshire ArchivesHerefordshireC2217401741possibly of GanarewAccount book of Wavell Smith – Epexio (, M/S
Goode familyHerefordshire ArchivesHerefordshireB43/v18051821Goode Family – Farm Accounts, etc. – Epexio (, M/S
Holme LacyHerefordshire ArchivesHerefordshireCF50/26816671709large estateFarm Accounts of Holme Lacy – Epexio (, M/S
Anne HughesHerefordshire ArchivesHerefordshireLIBRARY–6900-HUG17961797published version of a diary, well-known, is query whether original was genuineSearch Results for farm diaries (, Diary,
John Powell, Much MarcleHerefordshire ArchivesHerefordshireBH7/i183548Account Books – Epexio (, M/S
Richard Hayes, Owletts FarmMerlKentFR KEN 3/1/117601778yeoman family, photocopy of typescriptUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsPublished, Diary,
Thomas Tritton, WalthamKent ArchivesKentU294018161820compiled in editions of The Kentish Companion, 19th centurySearch results (, Diary,
Richard TyldenKent ArchivesKentU593/A317231721part of large estateSearch results (, M/S
William Danks, ShorehamKent ArchivesKentU1000/26/Z318061811looks promisingSearch results (, M/S
Reuben MiltonKent ArchivesKentU1350/A4417991799location not specifiedSearch results (, M/S
Solomon BrigdenKent ArchivesKentU269/A142/1-317961805Sackville estate (Knole) ?Search results (, M/S
Filmer familyKent ArchivesKentU12/E2817481776location not specifiedSearch results (, M/S
Osborne familyKent ArchivesKentU593/A416731682Tylden estate?, look promisingSearch results (, M/S
Thomas Porter of HadlowKent ArchivesKentU2093/E118161824farming day book (3 farms), looks promisingSearch results (, M/S
Beale family of BiddendenMerlKentFR DX214717911834River Hall farm, 3 boxes, 38 volumes, looks promisingUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsDiary, M/S
John Pinyon of Sandhurst and NorthiamKent ArchivesEast SussexU2082/F5-F4118371841might be general gents diarySearch results (, Diary, M/S
farm near LiverpoolMerlLancashireFR LAN 118111813location not specifiedUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsDiary, M/S
Thomas Hawkshead of HeskinLancashire archivesLancashireDDHK/9/5/16518171818also diaries from other years, including 1828-29; includes social, M/S
William WilkinsonLancashire archivesLancashireDDKW Box 15518471870part of very large archive, location not specifiedCalmView: Record (, M/S
Mr AinslieLancashire archivesLancashireDDHE/62/35a18191821location not specifiedCalmView: Record (, M/S
Thomas BenisonLancashire archivesLancashireRCHY/2/4/116781850location not specifiedCalmView: Record (, M/S
Home FarmLancashire archivesLancashireDDSC/120/1418331834location not specifiedCalmView: Record (, M/S
Beaumont Leys farmMerlLeicestershireFR LEI 418041830University of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsAccounts, M/S
Curzon family, Breedon-on-the-hillLeicestershire archivesLeicestershireDE1536/148-16318131845estate and farm diaries, also for Haddon on the Hill, part of very large collectionSearch Results (, Accounts, M/S
John Simmonds, Butt HouseLeicestershire archivesLeicestershireDE69017961803Ashby-de-la-ZouchSearch Results (, Accounts, M/S
SwinfordLeicestershire archivesLeicestershire17D55/1218401841almost daily entriesSearch Results (, M/S
Moorbarns Farm, LutterworthMerlLeicestershireFR LEI 118371847farm of around 350 acresUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsDiary, M/S
farm at Nocton Rise, Howard familyMerlLincolnshireFR LIN P32318261845microfilm, bred rams, around 450 acresUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsPublished, Accounts,
Larratt family, Thurlby, nr BourneMerlLincolnshireFR LIN P33218331857microfilm, daily journal and accounts, part of large collectionUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsPublished, Accounts,
Thomas Hartwell, The Complete GrazierMerlLincolnshireMERL LIBRARY RESERVE–4340-HOR17801862Printed book, held in library, had several editions, includes info on manures, cattle, accountsSearch Results for farm accounts (, Accounts,
Anon, HolbeachLincolnshire ArchivesLincolnshireCRAGG/2/20/1017351735Copy available MF/2/2, also poss at BL MS 51048, drawings also present.Miscellaneous Book | Lincs to the PastPublished, Diary, Accounts,
Anon, farm day book for labourLincolnshire ArchivesLincolnshire1-DIXON/12/5/3318101810Pocket book | Lincs to the PastAccounts, M/S
Belton Farm, location not specifiedLincolnshire ArchivesLincolnshireBNLW/1/7/91217841853Various farm accounts, also labour pay lists 1745-1801Lincs to the PastAccounts, M/S
Holton, Nettleton and Thornton farms, also Searby farmLincolnshire ArchivesLincolnshire1-DIXON/517991897Various accounts, incl day books, labourers names, stock and wool accounts, corn and seed acctsLincs to the PastAccounts, M/S
William Paddison, Saltfleet by St PeterLincolnshire ArchivesLincolnshirePADDISON18471918Farmer and coal merchant, part of larger collectionWilliam Paddison of Saltfleetby St Peter, Farmer and Coal Merchant | Lincs to the PastAccounts, M/S
Joseph Tindall YoungLincolnshire ArchivesLincolnshireLLHS/38/11/917971856Small farming ledgerSmall farming ledger of the Young family | Lincs to the PastAccounts, M/S
George Bitton of BettlesLincolnshire ArchivesLincolnshireBOSTON/2/117781778Letter to Lord Boston re farms at MoultonLetter from George Bitton of Beccles to Lord Boston | Lincs to the PastM/S
Middle and Old Farms at Heston, various accountsMerlMiddlesexFR MID P24718171855microfilmUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsPublished, Accounts,
Swakeley’s Farm, Hillingdon, IckenhamLMAMiddlesexACC/044318421884SWAKELEYS: FARM DIARY | London Metropolitan Archives (, Accounts, M/S
Read family, WembleyMerlMiddlesexFR MID P38718091868microfilm, 2 farm account booksUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsPublished, Accounts,
Pudney family, Manor Farm, SunburyLMAMiddlesexACC/123518351894part of larger collectionPUDNEY FAMILY, SUNBURY | London Metropolitan Archives (, M/S
Wood family, Littleton parishLMAMiddlesexACC/1302/01017481821part of much larger collection, landowning family, might be day books and other records tooFarm account book | London Metropolitan Archives (, M/S
William Brewis, Middleton, nr MorpethNewcastle Uni ArchivesNorthumberlandGB 186 WB1833185015 diaries, sound extremely interestingBrewis Diaries – Archives Hub (, M/S
Thomas Crowe MunningsPerkins Ag LibNorfolkonline18001802Account of drilling and protecting turnips, published as a bookAn account of some experiments for drilling and protecting turnips in the years 1800, 1801, and 1802 : together with some miscellaneous observations on agricultural subjects : Munnings, Thomas Crowe : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet ArchivePublished,
Edward RigbyPerkins Ag LibNorfolkonline18151815Account of cultivation of mangel wurzels, published bookSuggestions for an improved and extended cultivation of mangel wurzel : Rigby, Edward, 1747-1821 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet ArchivePublished,
John Barrick, HockwoldMerlNorfolkFR NORF 1416851689Tenant of Farm, also poss a bailiffUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsAccounts, M/S
Nathaniel Weston, MoultonMerlNorfolkFR NORF 23/1/118231823University of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsAccounts, M/S
Thomas Howes, FrittonNorfolk RONorfolkMC 150/52, 625X318021827Was a clergymanFarming diaries for Fritton estate. – Norfolk RO Online CatalogueDiary, M/S
Mary Hardy, LetherinsettNorfolk RONorfolkFX 37617731809Photcopies of m/s; Was written first by her husband, then Mary. Edited book of the manuscript diaries of Mary Hardy, 1773-1809, and Henry Raven, 1793-7 – Norfolk RO Online CataloguePublished, Diary,
Randall Burroughes, Browick and SutonNorfolk RONorfolkMC 216/1, 668X317941799Susannah W M and Tom Williamson have publishedFarming journal of Randall Burroughes at Browick and Suton – Norfolk RO Online CataloguePublished, Diary, M/S
Rev James Cory, KettlestoneNorfolk RONorfolkPD 610/2217941896includes records of Glebe Farm, plus fruit treesAccounts – Norfolk RO Online CatalogueAccounts, M/S
Edward StimpsonNorfolk RONorfolkMC 561/80, 775X518311831only 1 page of farm accts?, part of much larger collectionFolder of miscellaneous items – Norfolk RO Online CatalogueAccounts, M/S
Sir Francis Jerningham, pocket bookNorfolk RONorfolkMC 1556/1, 815X417131713too posh?Pocket book of Sir Francis Jerningham – Norfolk RO Online CatalogueDiary, Accounts, M/S
Unnamed farm, query locationMerlNorfolkFR DX133918391840University of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsAccounts, M/S
Stephen Frost Rippingall, LanghamNorfolk RONorfolkMC 12017681816part of larger collectionLangham Farming Diaries – Norfolk RO Online CatalogueDiary, M/S
Thomas RippingallNorfolk RONorfolkMC 12018171831part of larger collectionLangham Farming Diaries – Norfolk RO Online CatalogueDiary, M/S
John Permeter Leeds, Beck Hall, BillingfordNorfolk RONorfolkMC 68118211827tenant, not landownerDiary of J.P. Leeds of Beck Hall in Billingford (nr Dereham) – Norfolk RO Online CatalogueDiary, M/S
Mears Ashby (but seem to refer to Surrey)MerlSurreyFR SUR 318371847appears to be accts for a farm in Surrey owned by firm in NorthantsUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsAccounts, M/S
Rushton Hall estateBodleianNorthamptonshireMS. Top. Northants c. 4018091817too posh?, copied out from original returns?Collection: The farm accounts of the Rushton hall estate, in Northamptonshire, 1809-1817 | Bodleian Archives & Manuscripts (, Accounts,
James Hedley, BewshaughNorthumberland ArchivesNorthumberlandNRO 04341/118491857tenant of 3000 acres farm, 7 volumesSearch Results (, M/S
Farm near WorksopMerlNottinghamshireFR D90/717761900University of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsDiary, Accounts, M/S
Francis Moore, WorksopMerlNottinghamshireD 90/7/117761778written in printed diaryUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsDiary, M/S
Jerimiah Halfehead, BabworthMerlNottinghamshireFR NOT 516501689University of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsAccounts, M/S
Henry Reynolds LowdhamMerlNottinghamshireFR D90/7/318441847University of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsAccounts, M/S
ThameMerlOxfordshireFR OXF 1117421866unspecified farmUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsAccounts, M/S
Radford, EnstoneMerlOxfordshireFR OXF P295-29718211857held on microfilm, unspecified farmUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsPublished, Accounts,
Sibford FerrisMerlOxfordshireFR OXF 20/1/118071837University of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsAccounts, M/S
John Lamb, Joshua Lamb, Sibford FerrisMerlOxfordshireFR OXF 14/317741839part of large collection, poss Folly FarmSearch Results for oxf 14 (
Thomas Gregory, Cutteslowe FarmOxford History CentreOxfordshireOPI-1655718251840might be a printed copy or parish council book; search name and ‘people’Heritage Search – Oxfordshire County CouncilPublished, Diary,
JS Calvert, Tothill FarmGloucestershire ArchivesLincolnshireD255018451866moved to Oxfordshire later, but early diaries are LincsCalmView: Overview (, M/S
Coton Hall Farm, BridgnorthMerlShropshireFR SAL 5/1/117441769University of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsAccounts, M/S
RJ BuddicomShropshire ArchivesShropshire6001/527118401850farm location not specifiedSearch results (, Accounts, M/S
John Howell, AlbrightonShropshire ArchivesShropshireMI499/118231845High House and Beamish FarmsSearch results (, M/S
Anon, Much Wenlock?Shropshire ArchivesShropshire7963/1/9/617891789gentleman’s pocket ledgerSearch results (, M/S
Diary of a Shropshire FarmerShropshire ArchivesShropshireXLS2369218351837published and edited in book form 2011Search results (, Diary,
Mrs Frances Hamilton, Bishops LydeardSomerset heritageSomersetA/CJK/2/317921801held on microfilm, diaries and account books; also at A/CJK/2/11Reel 16: Diaries and Account Books of Mrs. Frances Hamilton – positive copy. – Epexio (, Diary, Accounts, M/S
Dr John Westover, WedmoreSomerset heritageSomersetDD/X/HKN/116851700diary includes patients as well as his farming activitiesDr John Westover’s Journal. – Epexio (, M/S
William Goodson of BaltonsboroughSomerset heritageSomersetT/PH/ctn/317941850photcopies of m/s? certainly a transcriptTranscript of extracts from the notebook of William Goodson of Baltonsborough. – Epexio (, Diary,
Nathaniel Brewer, Over StoweySomerset heritageSomersetDD/DR/7017131726diary/day book, part of larger collectionDiaries – Epexio (, M/S
Southwood and Mattock families, PitministerSomerset heritageSomersetDD/CPHS/4218231842large misc collection, covers Devon and Dorset tooSouthwood and Mattock families. – Epexio (, M/S
Strachie family of PensfordSomerset heritageSomersetDD/SH/3318161817Sutton Court farmMixed contents: mainly loose. – Epexio (, Accounts, M/S
H Peppin, DulvertonSomerset heritageSomersetDD/X/PPP/118271829Slad and Old Shute farms, also accounts 1826-1849Farm Working Account Book concerning Slade and Old Shute Farms in the Parish of Dulverton, held by Mr H Peppin. – Epexio (, Accounts, M/S
Fitzherbert family, SynertonStaffordshire ROStaffordshireD641/5/EA/3/6b17831786Misc farm accounts, of large estateGateway to the Past: Record View (, M/S
Josiah KnightStaffordshire ROStaffordshireD637/5/1-418321839Diaries and account book, farm and location unspecifiedGateway to the Past: Record View (, M/S
Ward family, Leek area?Staffordshire ROStaffordshireD3359/47/117581845location unspecifiedGateway to the Past: Record View (, M/S
Dyott of FreefordStaffordshire ROStaffordshireD1042/217841813likely to be large estate recordsGateway to the Past: Record View (, Accounts, M/S
Badmondisfield Hall farmMerlSuffolkFR SUF P25517891843held on microfilmUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsPublished, Accounts,
James Berber of FressingfieldMerlSuffolkD90/118011816written in various gentleman’s pocket booksUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsAccounts, M/S
Arthur Biddell of PlayfordSuffolk ArchivesSuffolkHA218141860day books, also farm accts 1830-1836, and cropping 1807-1870. Described as an important diarist. Extracts in Thirsk (ed) 19th Century Suffolk FarmingCollections – Suffolk ArchivesPublished, Accounts, M/S
W Lobjoit, Woodlands Farm, PutneyMerlSurreyFR SUR 118341847farm accounts, part of larger collection belonging to well-known market gardeners, 3 farms in SurreyUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsAccounts, M/S
William Green, ChessingtonMerlSurreyFR SUR P30818431851held on microfilmUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsPublished, Accounts,
Edward Rayne, West Barnes Park, MertonSurrey History CentreSurreyZ/406/1-3018101840Detailed entries, look promising, also letters, no diary 1821-827, appears to be available as a transcription. He also farmed in C Durham.Search results (, Diary,
Abraham Honnor, LalehamLMASurreyDRO/021/09317141714looks promisingFarming diary of Abraham Honnor | London Metropolitan Archives (, M/S
John Greenwood, Wanborough Manor FarmSurrey History CentreWiltshire674417931794also of a farm in Essex, photocopy and t’cript available at Zg/25/1-2Search results (, Diary, M/S
Nicholas Firminger, BasdenSurrey History CentreSurrey3151/2/1/417511818Search results (, M/S
John Maybank, Cole Kitchen Hole FarmSurrey History CentreSurreyG85/16/1117891794includes accounts of furze and fern cutSearch results (, M/S
Hatchlands Farm, East ClandonSurrey History CentreSurrey8879/118321860includes names of labourersSearch results (, M/S
Thomas Page, PointersSurrey History CentreSurreyZ/41817701841held on microfilm; accts 1817-41, 1799-1817, 1793-99Search results (, Accounts,
John and Jacob Tyler, MaresfieldE Sussex ROSussexAMS 6448/1018221878John 1822-31, Jacob 1842-78Account book (, M/S
Stapley familyE Sussex ROSussexHIC/116516541762Transcript at HIC/1167Diary of Anthony Stapley II (1654-1733) with later additions by Richard Stapley IV (1714-1762) (, Diary, M/S
Matthias Slye, HailshamE Sussex ROSussexAMS 698218071808Looks promisingDiary of Matthias Slye of Hailsham, 1807-1808, and associated papers (, M/S
William PooleE Sussex ROSussexHOOK 16/30-3717811789Not sure if at The Keep; also pocket journal 1753 HOOK 16/4Pocket Journals (, M/S
Daws family of EwhurstE Sussex ROSussexHMU 1/4 (ACC 918)17801877Description says 9 books of farm accounts, no direct link but said to be ACC 918Deeds and papers of the Chester and Daws family of Ewhurst (, Accounts,
Henry Hudson, AldringtonE Sussex ROSussexAMS 6942/218361843Looks v promising, his work carried out on another’s farmDiary (, M/S
Richard Turner, Ditchling and FelphamBrighton History CentreSussexBH 232393818301839Transcription of diaries for 3 farms, seems to be held at BrightonA Transcription of Parts of a Diary Kept by Richard Turner Initially of Northend Farm, Ditchling, later of Flansham Farm, Felpham, and finally of North Bersted Farm, and Covering the Period 1830 to 1839 (, Diary,
Sackville-West familyE Sussex ROSussexACC 1831/38/518161819Farm labour diary, 1819 is ACC 1831/38/6Farm labour diary (, M/S
Ashburnham family, BattleE Sussex ROSussexASH 1983-1999a18211886Extensive records, include timber accounts (1773-1892) and labour accounts ASH 2629, 2000-2014FARM ACCOUNTS (, M/S
Ade of MiltonE Sussex ROSussexACC 4146/118351837Diaries of Cade Milton Court FarmAde of Milton personal and farming papers (, M/S
William Borrer, HenfieldE Sussex ROSussexAMS 7029/118311831Diary cover Jan-Jun for New Hall FarmDiary of William Borrer of Henfield (, M/S
Alexander BeatsonRHS (Wisley)Sussex631 BEA18211821Written to be published, cultivation at Knowle FarmA supplement to a new system of cultivation, without lime, or dung, or summer fallows, as practised at Knowle Farm, in the county of Sussex, containing observations upon the construction and uses of a new agricultural implement, with some notices on calcining clay or soil, and on burning with stubble the surface soil for manure (,
C Whicher, Stoughton Manor FarmW Sussex ROSussexAM 300/118241865Crop record booksSearch ResultsAccounts, M/S
Bridge House Farm, CuckfieldW Sussex ROSussexMss 30729-3074117001800Grainger and Tomlinson familiesSearch ResultsAccounts, M/S
Salt Hill Farm, New Fishbourne?W Sussex ROSussexAM 663/118441846Diary plus accounts 1819-1896Diary, Accounts, M/S
Arundel Castle, steward’s day labour bookSheffield ArchivesSussexACM/W/11117521761CalmView: RecordAccounts, M/S
Farm acct bookCadbury Research LibraryWarwickshireKWH/A/817341743unspecified farmUoB Calmview5: Search results (, M/S
John StoneCoventry ArchivesWarwickshirePA30218181818unspecified farm, Moore’s Almanack with notesJOHN STONE’S DIARY AND FARMING NOTES – Coventry CollectionsDiary, M/S
Mr Cure, Southam?Coventry ArchivesWarwickshireCCE/8/1/1/10516411641transcribed version avl done 1992, farm on Coombe Abbey estate?‘Farm Accounts’ transcript of Mr Cure’s farm accounts – Coventry CollectionsPublished, Accounts,
Arbury Farm, JY StrattonWarwickshire ArchivesWarwickshireCRO122/2318301831Record (, M/S
Richard EbourneWarwickshire ArchivesWarwickshireCR1291/33716921717unspecified farmRecord (, M/S
Dittons Prior estateWarwickshire ArchivesShropshireCR1379/box518201822unspecified farmRecord (, M/S
Salford Priors?Warwickshire ArchivesWarwickshireCR1596/box105/3018551865unspecified farm, swede and cider recordsRecord (, M/S
various farms incl Alcester, Cold Comfort Farm, ArrowWarwickshire ArchivesWarwickshireCR1596/box114-6/118201826part of larger collectionRecord (, M/S
John Lowe, BidfordWarwickshire ArchivesWarwickshireCR2028/box46/2/2/518581859Record (, M/S
John Tarlton, Hall End Farm, UllenhallWarwickshire ArchivesWarwickshireCR25651417861799part of larger collectionRecord (, M/S
Mr Masters and Mr Truslove, BirdingburyWarwickshire ArchivesWarwickshireCR3324/3318541855Record (, M/S
Alderman John Smith, ExhallWarwickshire ArchivesWarwickshireCR3477/118401846Record (, M/S
William Hurlston, HeathcoteWarwickshire ArchivesWarwickshireCR3500/3,418411866Record (, M/S
Aston Court estateWorcestershireWorcestershire12427/217501950CalmView: Record (, M/S
Aston Court estate, Knighton-on-Teme.WorcestershireWorcestershire899:1299 BA 13848/1/117511921Rental. Includes rents due, tenant names and land tax values by parish for 1751-1755 – no farms named. Also notes from 1921 regarding papers inspected at Aston Court – includes some family history of the Good family – 10 pages only., Diary, Accounts, M/S
Aston Court estate, Knighton-on-Teme.WorcestershireWorcestershire899:1299 BA 13848/1/218111817Account book. List of payments made for labour & materials 1811-1813. A/c of wheat grown on estate 1812, 1814 & 1815. A/c of hares killed 1812. A/c of birds killed 1813. Churchwardens a/cs for 1815-16., M/S
Aston Court Estate, Knighton-on-Teme.WorcestershireWorcestershire899:1299 BA 13848/1/318491853Farm account book. List of payments made for labour & materials – includes occasional purchase of stock, M/S
Aston Court Estate, Knighton-on-Teme.WorcestershireWorcestershireb899:1299 BA 13848/218301831Disbursements of James Morris bailiff. Includes: Account with Mrs Good Junior, Aston 20/5/1830 – 24/4/1831; cash paid to labourers 22/5/1830 – 9/4/1831; Cash received by James Morris 2/6/1830-18/4/1831; Account with Mrs Good Senior, Lower House, Aston for Wheat etx. 24/6/1830-16/3/1831., M/S
Unnamed farm and locationWorcestershireWorcestershire8782/32/1/517011909includes hop yieldsCalmView: Record (, M/S
Unnamed farm and locationWorcestershireWorcestershireb899:749 BA 14337/4/217371782Farm Accounts. Farm estate a/c book including recipes for cures for various human and animal ailments, M/S
Unnamed farm and locationWorcestershireWorcestershireb899:749 BA 14337/4/317011786Farm Accounts. Account book relating to markets at Worcester, Ombersley and Stourbridge, M/S
Unnamed farm and locationWorcestershireWorcestershireb899:749 BA 14337/4/419011907Album of reports and correspondence relating to hop crop
Unnamed farm and locationWorcestershireWorcestershireb899:749 BA 14337/4/519081909Petty Cash Book, M/S
Forhill Farm, HopwoodWarwickshire ArchivesWorcestershireCR3689/Box7/3/318501867Record (, M/S
WorcestershireWorcestershireb899:749 BA 14337/4/117811783Records of payments giving farmer name and location, (? Possibly) hop pocket number, weight and price paid at Worcester market.Not determined – this item was produced when reader ordered b899:749 BA 14337/4.Accounts, M/S
Woollas Hall Farm, EckingtonMERLWorcestershireFR DX2105/818801882Account book kept by James William Dee. Includes details of expenditure and receipts and labour costs. Includes a rough sketch of farm land alongside Eckington Road and Nafford Road., M/S
Woollas Hall Farm, EckingtonMERLWorcestershireFR DX2105/918791889Account book kept by James William Dee. Includes details of expenditure and receipts and labour costs. Includes a list of field names and their respective uses from 1879 to 1889,
Woollas Hall Farm, EckingtonMERLWorcestershireFR DX2105/1018951902Account book kept by James William Dee. Includes details of labour costs,
Woollas Hall Farm, EckingtonMERLWorcestershireFR DX2105/1118961902Account book kept by James William Dee. Includes details expenditure and receipts.,
Woollas Hall Farm, EckingtonMERLWorcestershireFR DX2105/1219031910Account book kept by James William Dee. Includes details expenditure and receipts.,
Woollas Hall Farm, EckingtonMERLWorcestershireFR DX2105/1319031908Account book kept by James William Dee. Includes details of labour costs.,
Woollas Hall Farm, EckingtonMERLWorcestershireFR DX2105/1419071912Account book kept by James William Dee. Includes details of expenditure and costs. Includes loosely inserted receipts.,
Woollas Hall Farm, EckingtonMERLWorcestershireFR DX2105/1519121913Account book kept by James William Dee. Includes details of expenditure and costs.,
Woollas Hall Farm, EckingtonMERLWorcestershireFR DX2105/1619131916Account book kept by James William Dee. Includes details of expenditure and costs.,
Woollas Hall Farm, EckingtonMERLWorcestershireFR DX2105/1719151920Account book kept by James William Dee. Includes details of expenditure and costs.,
Woollas Hall Farm, EckingtonMERLWorcestershireFR DX2105/1819161921Account book kept by James William Dee. Includes details of expenditure and costs.,
Woollas Hall Farm, EckingtonMERLWorcestershireFR DX2105/1919201924Account book kept by James William Dee. Includes details of expenditure and costs. Note: James William Dee died in 1922. [Indeed, the accounts from 1 October 1922 onwards are in a different hand], M/S
MERLWorcestershireFR DX2105/2019031906Account book kept by William Dee possibly for Broadwell, Worcestershire,
Parishes of Wick, St Andrews Pershore, Birlingham, Great Comberton, Eckington, Defford, Strensham, Hill Croome, Bredons NortonMERLWorcestershireFR DX2105/2118921892Rate and assessment book of the Commissioners of Sewers for the district lying adjacent to the River Avon between Pershore and Tewkesbury in Worcestershire and Gloucestershire. Includes names of occupants of land in the parishes of Wick, St Andrews Pershore, Birlingham, Great Comberton, Eckington, Defford, Strensham, Hill Croome, Bredons Norton, Twyning, Bredon, Ashchurch and Tewkesbury. Gives details of the owner and occupant of the land, description and situation of the property, estimated extent, rate per acre and amount of rate actually collected. James William Dee is listed as one of the Commissioners of Sewers.
Woollas Hall Farm, EckingtonMERLWorcestershireFR DX2105/2320102010The Networks of a Victorian Farmer: James Dee, Woollas Hall Farm, 1881-1891 by Lesley Dee,
Nicholas Middleton, Kirby Farm, Whatcote, Compton WynyatesWarwickshire ArchivesWarwickshireCR121718581858Record (, M/S
BH Smith, tenant Thorpe FarmWarwickshire ArchivesWarwickshireCR2859/9718511874letters, like a diary with day to day running of farmRecord (, M/S
Poplars Farm, Eathiroe; Leckwooton Farm, HockleyMerlWarwickshireFR WAR 2182218803 names mentioned incl Thomas UmbersUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsAccounts, M/S
John WyndhamWiltshire ArchivesWiltshire2667/23/417411774not clear how much is personal, farming memos refer to Tollard RoyalSearch Results (, Accounts, M/S
Aldbourne Farm, plus 2 more. Brown family. See TBA pp.36-7MerlWiltshireWIL 1117271953held on microfilm, diaries and cropping books, dates not specifiedUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsPublished, Diary, Accounts,
Phipps family? Madbrook farm, Dilton farmWiltshire ArchivesWiltshire212B/696117951799estate account, so not sure how much on farmingSearch Results (, M/S
Bulford Farm, John Cox accountsWiltshire ArchivesWiltshire367/1717581758bailiff’s account, part of larger collectionSearch Results (, M/S
Trowle Manor Farm, TrowbridgeWiltshire ArchivesWiltshire3081/118411892Sounds possible, started by James GuleySearch Results (, M/S
Slaughterford Farm, Thomas WiltshireWiltshire ArchivesWiltshire415/11918421855Search Results (, M/S
Greenway Farm, TockenhamWiltshire ArchivesWiltshire415/12817851819Search Results (, M/S
Pockeredge Farm, CorshamWiltshire ArchivesWiltshire414/7718301830William WiltshireSearch Results (, M/S
Various farm accountsMerlWiltshireFR WIL P25-26017261835held on microfilm, various corn and straw accountsUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsPublished, Accounts,
Beacon Hill farm, HilmartonMerlWiltshireFR BER 3418251930Lawrence family, various farms incl some in BerkshireUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsAccounts, M/S
Thomas Pinniger, Little BedwynWiltshire ArchivesWiltshire4381/1/118131857son continued the diaries, 8 volumes, sounds promising; also 4381/1/4Search Results (, Diary, M/S
Thomas Askren, 2 farms near DoncasterUni of Leeds Special CollYorkshireMS12618131871Thomas Askren, of Hough-on-the-Hill, Lincolnshire, owned Crow Trees Farm and, later, Elder Tree Farm in the parish of Hatfield, near Doncaster; 23 volumesThomas Askren farm Archive – Library | University of LeedsDiary, M/S
Thomas Rawlin, TankersleyBarnsley ArchiveYorkshireSY69T18171836held on microfilm; day bookSearch Results (, Accounts,
Smith family, Potter Grange Farm, AyrminEast Riding ArchivesYorkshireDDGA/6/2/318271831CalmView: Record (, M/S
Thomas Stamper, North HolmeMerlYorkshireFR YOR P38918221850held on microfilmUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsPublished, Accounts,
Bilham Grange, nr DoncasterMerlYorkshireFR YOR P32018401855held on microfilmUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsPublished, Accounts,
Toft Hill Farm, RudbyMerlYorkshireFR YOR 1018211824University of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsAccounts, M/S
a landowner nr HullMerlYorkshireFR YOR 14/1/117361738unnamed farmUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsAccounts, M/S
Thomas Smales, Park Hall, AislabyMerlYorkshireFR YOR 12/1/117301846the farm diary covers 1844-1846; executors’ acct book 1730-1846University of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsDiary, Accounts, M/S
William Stickney, RidgmontHull History CentreYorkshireUDXF9 see U DFF/8/1017861789there is a transcript of the diary at«Coll_RefNo» (, M/S
Winterhill Farm and Black Moor Farm, nr Barnsley and SheffieldMerlYorkshireFR YOR P33817821853held on microfilmUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsPublished, Accounts,
Scarth familyNorth Yorks ROYorkshireZHY17491946some held on microfilmSearch Results (, Accounts, M/S
Robinson family, record of farm in Kirby Grindalyth, YorksLincolnshire ArchivesYorkshireMISC DEP 69218011811part of much larger collectionRecords relating to the Robinson family of Tathwell | Lincs to the PastAccounts, M/S
FC Waide, Hessle Farm, WragbyWest Yorkshire ArchivesYorkshireWYW153318361873daily diaries incl mention of corn lawsCalmView: Record (, M/S
Bottom Boat Farm, WakefieldWest Yorkshire ArchivesYorkshireC7718221843CalmView: Record (, M/S
Henry Mason, ThirskMerlYorkshireFR YOR P43117521801held on microfilmUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsPublished, Accounts,
Tatlingbury Farm, TudelyMerlKentFR KEN 1317441758nr HadlowUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsAccounts, M/S
Henry Deedes, BurmarshMerlKentFR KEN 1916951775Ruffins Hall Farm, also Forestall Farm part of Sandling Park estate, on Romney MarshUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsAccounts, M/S
written by William Bland (Osborne/Tylden)Kent ArchivesKentU771/E23181318378 volumesSearch results (, M/S
Mary BaconHampshire ROHampshire28M82/F117891807Accounts and Memoranda [Facer, Ruth Mary Bacon’s World 2010]Published, Diary, Accounts, M/S
Richard Wigglesworth of Constone in WharfdaleyN Yorks ROYorkshireZM(A) 2916831717Accounts and Memoranda {publish ed. Peter Leach 2012 Northallerton]Published, Diary, Accounts,
Clement Taylor of FinsthwaiteCumbria RO (Barrow)LancashireBDY 21217121753Accounts & Memoranda [published 1997 Lancs and Cheshire RS ed JD Martin]Published, Accounts, M/S
John Slater, Hall Farm OrtonNorthamptonshire RONorthamptonshireZA1982-198718331860Letters, receipts, Accounts, M/S
William Ivens, Long Buckby, NorthantsNorthamptonshire RONorthamptonshireZA224818201859Farm accounts, papers, parich pauper list. Mainlylivestock purchases., M/S
Thomas Marriott the younger of Little Houghton 1804-1836Northamptonshire RONorthamptonshireZB150718041836Receipts and payments account book -Farming and DomesticAccounts, M/S
William Drage of HolcotNorthamptonshire RONorthamptonshireZB170118321881pre-printed farm account book produced by J. Warren of Royston and used by William Drage of Holcot, initially for farm accounts and later for memoranda, including his capacity as churchwarden., M/S
John Franklin of Silverstone Fields FarmNorthamptonshire RONorthamptonshireZB1375/118311853Account and memoranda book – tenant farmerAccounts, M/S
William Reeve and family , Clay Coton, NorthantsNorthamptonshire RONorthamptonshireZB1448/1 & /217661780Farm accounts for 1766-1780 Accountsre. livestock, 1766-1767. In Thomas Johnson joiner’s collectionAccounts, M/S
William and Richard Higgins of HardingstoneNorthamptonshire RONorthamptonshireZB1053/118171834There is a straight chronological run of accounts to 1829, the year of William Higgin’s death. There after the entries have a ledger format, including separate accounts with Higgin’s landlord, the Rev. William Thursby., M/S
Rev. Thomas Knightley, Rector of Byfield, 1697/8-1721, and of John Mapletoft, Rector, 1721-1763Northamptonshire RONorthamptonshire056P/03017101734Crops, accounts, memoranda., M/S
Robert Shipps, Bodeley’s farm at Alderton, Stoke Bruerne, RoadeNorthamptonshire RONorthamptonshireG/258717381742General accounts, taxes ‘one item’Accounts, M/S
P Saunderson at EttonNorthamptonshire RONorthamptonshireF(M)/Misc Volume/52718201821Fitzwilliam estate – farm in hand October to October,
John Harpur of Burton LatimerNorthamptonshire RONorthamptonshireH(BL)/656 & /23617901813Account book, not purely farming, M/S
Robert Smith of CliftonNorthamptonshire ROStaffordshireT(KEL)/123 & /12617551770crops, livestock, labour, farm memoranda. Excellent calendar, M/S
James & Gervase Tibbits (Kelmarsh) of Pooley Hall PolesworthNorthamptonshire ROWarwickshireT(KEL)/173 & /18718121847Miscellaneous, mainly stock accounts , surveying, financial,
John and Joseph Harpur of Chilvers CotonNorthamptonshire ROWarwickshireH(BL)/23517901803Accounts and farming memoranda, M/S
wife Mary Brock from brother Thomas Brock. Bramfield and WenhastonNorthamptonshire ROSuffolkJ(D)/81616891725Farm accounts – part freehold, part copyhold, M/S
Wynyard Farms (nr Stockton-on-Tees) Profit and loss accountrsDurham RODurhamD/Lo/E 71818271843Londonderry estates – ?gentry managementAccounts, M/S
Revd John Emmerson and grandson Revd John Headlam.Durham RODurhamD/X 962/117291812Tithe accounts for Winston and Middleton, later WycliffeAccounts, M/S
Hodgson and Langleydale and Summerhouse (Both W of Darlington)Durham RODurhamD/X 206/117811855Accounts, M/S
Pickering Family (Cornsay and Hedley, West of Durham city)Durham RODurhamD/X 1086/4/1 and /918201854Accounts, M/S
John Smith BrownlessDurham RODurhamD/X 1086/22 /23 /24/1 2518461857Various accounts Ox Close Farm White Lea FarmAccounts, M/S
Copy memorandum book of Ralph Watson of Harton 1812 – 1842 (nr South Shields)Durham RODurhamD/X 637 /118121842Notes on running farmAccounts, M/S
Chipchase family of Hart Moor farm accounts part of legal papersDurham RODurhamD/X 106/9-1318061853Accounts, M/S
Accounts of Mill Hill farm, Silksworth [suburb of Sunderland]’, owned by William Robinson, Esq., and occupied by William Dawson, 1824 – 1847Durham RODurhamD/Ph 61/1-218241847Accounts, M/S
Gibside farm accounts (with colliery ledger)Durham RODurhamD/St/B1/2/12617911797Strathmore estatesAccounts, M/S
The Hooks, Hinstock [between Market Drayton and Newport]Shropshire ArchivesShropshireSA, 2686/118241839Brief account of key event in farming yearsDiary, photocopM/S
Datchworth Tithe accountsHertfordshire ArchivesHertfordshireDP/33/3/117111747Hertfordshire RS 25, 2009. Include farm accounts for GlebePublished, Accounts,
Filmer familyKent ArchivesKentU120/2617691797cash payments and rentsSearch results (, M/S
Filmer familyKent ArchivesKentU120/A1717221739Search results (, M/S
Filmer familyKent ArchivesKentU120/A1817371759Search results (, M/S
Filmer familyKent ArchivesKentU120/A1517261800Sir Edward Filmer’s estate ledger, incl work on farmsSearch results (, M/S
Filmer familyKent ArchivesKentU120/A1917371747Search results (, M/S
Osborne family contKent ArchivesKentU593/A516831692Osborne of Hartlip, as aboveSearch results (, M/S
Osborne family contKent ArchivesKentU593/A717791776also notes of crops 1780-1853 and accounts 1802-1834Search results (, M/S
Osborne and TyldenKent ArchivesKentU593/A616921717entries by Tylden and Osborne, family as U593/A4Search results (, M/S
Tylden contKent ArchivesKentU593/A1018371842Search results (, M/S
Tylden contKent ArchivesKentU593/E6/117791791Farm management book and diary; see also U593/E6/2 1792-1799Search results (, M/S
John Aldrich of EatonNorfolk RONorfolkDCN 59/12/116631667Outskirts of Norwich, crops, sheep and livestock fatteningNorfolk RS VolumePublished, Diary, M/S
George Steer, Blindley Heath, GodstoneSurrey History CentreSurrey55718071814Comforts Place Farm, was tenantSearch results (, M/S
John and William Swayne, Hall Place, MerrowSurrey History CentreSurrey137617591802book also used for accounts of a butchers businessSearch results (, M/S
Reuben MiltonKent ArchivesKentU1350/A4517341795location not specifiedSearch results (, M/S
Tylden contKent ArchivesKentU593/A16/117911798small notebook brief farming accts, see also U593/A16/2Search results (, M/S
Osborne/TyldenKent ArchivesKentU771/E3818421851brief diary, by Bland?Search results (, M/S
Thomas Doubleday of GosbertonMERLLincolnshireFR DX10001812183326 vols, diaries with bills and receipts. See RHT no 1 (2001)M/S
Jonas Webb of Babraham, Cambs.Private hands/MERL (from 12/21)Cambridgeshiren/a182018562 vols. See RHT 16 (2009) and and Environment in South Cambridgeshire, 1798-1850 by Shirley Wittering · 2013 paulmuirwood@gmail.comn, Diary, M/S
Langton, George (1647-1727: farmer) of LangtonUniversity of Glasgow Special CollectionsLincolnshireGB 247 Euing Add f11 Suppl17011701Family owned village 2000a. Also businessman, National Land Bank, Wey Navigation. House in Soho Sq London, M/S
Miss Coulton, small farm in one of the Home Counties?18591859Account of a move from London to life on a small farm; first published 1859; at least 13 editionsOur Farm of Four Acres and the Money We Made by it – Google BooksPublished, ?,
David Stanton, farms include Backnoe End, Thurleigh (1881-1910) and Church End FarmBedford ArchivesBedfordshireZ151718671905Seven exercise books, appears to be copies that are in the archive; date the diaries start not specifiedBedfordshire Archives Service Catalogue | Details ;, M/S
Andrew Mathieson (1840-1908), tenant farmer KemnayUniversity of Aberdeen, Special CollectionsAberdeenshireMS 37781878190831 volumesRecord View | Archive Collections | University of Aberdeen (, M/S
Johnston family, Holehouse, nr DennyNational Records of ScotlandStirlingshireGD1/227/7218911894Farm diaries, notes on weather and crops, part of larger collectionNAS Catalogue – catalogue record (, M/S
Johnston family, Holehouse, nr DennyPrivate Collection, contact NRSStirlingshireNRA567518461885Farm diaries in private collectionDiary, M/S
William Gall, Atherb, AberdeenNational Records of ScotlandAberdeenshireRH4/5518671869Microfilm, contact NRS to orderNAS Catalogue – catalogue record (,
John Jame Inglis, HolmNational Records of ScotlandOrkneyGD1/46/1718151821Farming plus personal diaryNAS Catalogue – catalogue record (, M/S
Sprot family, Haystoun, PeeblesNational Records of ScotlandPeebleshireGD504/3/24017771810Part of larger collection, includes thermometer readingsNAS Catalogue – catalogue record (, M/S
William Runcieman, Mains of Dyce, Mains of Castleton, tenant farmerUniversity of Aberdeen, Special CollectionsAberdeenshireGB231/MS2527182618448 volumesSCAN Catalogue – catalogue record (, M/S
Farm accounts, DalkeithNational Records of ScotlandEdinburgh and BordersGD224/56617761809part of Dukes of Buccleuch collection; Bowhill Farm also availableNAS Catalogue – browse – details of record (, M/S
Laws of Milltown of LearneyUniversity of Aberdeen, Special CollectionsAberdeenshireGB231/MS300618211854includes accountsSCAN Catalogue – catalogue record (, Accounts, M/S
Ross of Pitcalnie, Rhives farm meal bookNational Records of ScotlandRosshireGD199/29718531857Rhives farm meal bookNAS Catalogue – catalogue record (, M/S
Forster farm cash book, PaxtonNational Records of ScotlandBerwickshireGD267/1117861876farm cash bookNAS Catalogue – browse – details of record (,
Home-Robertson family of WedderburnNational Records of ScotlandBerwickshireGD267/5/4418081809Part of much larger collectionNAS Catalogue – catalogue record (, M/S
Home-Robertson family of WedderburnNational Records of ScotlandBerwickshireGD267/5/4618141815farm diary with earlier jottings, part of much larger collectionNAS Catalogue – catalogue record (, M/S
Home-Robertson family of Wedderburn, Barnyard Park, Black Castle, Long ReedNational Records of ScotlandBerwickshireGD267/25/717931797Farm diary with day by day description of activities; part of much larger collectionNAS Catalogue – catalogue record (, M/S
Blackadder family, farm diary for Blanerne EastsideNational Records of ScotlandBerwickshireGD362/2518291833Part of much larger collectionNAS Catalogue – catalogue record (, M/S
Blackadder family, farm diary for Blanerne EastsideNational Records of ScotlandBerwickshireGD362/2718371840Part of much larger collectionNAS Catalogue – catalogue record (, M/S
Tillydaff farm, AberdeenUniversity of Aberdeen, Special CollectionsAberdeenshireMS341918681868Day bookRecord View | Archive Collections | University of Aberdeen (, M/S
Gordon’s Mill Farming clubUniversity of Aberdeen, Special CollectionsAberdeenshireMS4917581764Minute book containing shared information on farming practice from club members; transcription availableRecord View | Archive Collections | University of Aberdeen (, M/S
George Watson, of Fiddes (Foveran, Aberdeen)University of Aberdeen, Special CollectionsAberdeenshireMS209817711780Diary which also appears to be publishedRecord View | Archive Collections | University of Aberdeen (, Diary, M/S
William Bruce, poss of BogsideUniversity of Aberdeen, Special CollectionsAberdeenshireMS305818541859, M/S
Adam Mackie, Lewes of Fyvie farm, AberdeenUniversity of Aberdeen, Special CollectionsAberdeenshireMS334718181850Eight volumes, was an innkeeper too; diary appears to be published.Record View | Archive Collections | University of Aberdeen (, Diary, M/S
James McGregor, ElchiesPrivate Collection, contact NRSMorayNRAS 134118721890Location unknown, contact NRSNRAS Register – catalogue record (, M/S
Robert Alan, Howell, KirkcudbrightGlasgow University Archive CollectionKirkcudbrightNRAS 248918841920NRAS Register – catalogue record (, M/S
Charles Blyth and family, Barberfield Farm, nr HaddingtonNational Library of ScotlandEdinburgh and BordersGB233/Acc 110211861199370 farm diaries and papersPapers of Barberfield Farm, near Pencaitland. – National Library of Scotland (, M/S
Reid, father and son, of Peasehill, FifeEdinburgh University Library: Special Collections DivisionFifeGB237/coll/46618551883Contact in advance for permission to viewSCAN Catalogue – catalogue record (, M/S
James Donald, Annanhill, Kilmarnock, AyrshireAyrshire ArchivesAyrshireGB 244/SAC/DC1018971945Ref in Ayrshire Archives is AA/DC12/3Ayrshire ArchivesDiary, M/S
A McConchie, Mains of PenninghameDumfries ArchivesDumfries and GallowayGB226/GGD32118851892Diary 1885-1888, 1892 covers cattle, potatoes and expensesDiary, photocopM/S
John Douglas of High Balyell, WigtownshireDumfries ArchivesDumfries and GallowayEGD110/81879194036 volumes, cover farm in Dailly, Ayrshire 1879, 1881, then High Balyell 1907-1940DServe Archive Catalog Show (, M/S
Robert Allan, KirkcudbrightDumfries ArchivesDumfries and GallowayGGD/745/618841920Covers Balmae and Howell farms, 7 volumesDServe Archive Catalog Show (, M/S
Graham of Airth (nr Falkirk)National Library of ScotlandStirlingshireGB233/MS.10801-1096917171837Part of very large collection, includes accounts, day books and journalsSCAN Catalogue – catalogue record ( ;, M/S
Stirling of KeirGlasgow City ArchivesDumfries and GallowayGB243/T-SK16411860Part of very large collection, estate papers and accountsSCAN Catalogue – catalogue record (, M/S
James Wilson,farmer of BanffshireEdinburgh University LibraryBanffshire(OCoLC)ocn30197145718791892Published as a book, not sure hw much relates to farmingJournal of my life and everyday doings, 1879-81, 1885-92 / James Wilson, farmer in Banffshire ; edited by Peter Hillis. – University of EdinburghPublished, Diary,
Henry Richmond, East Montgarswood, SornEdinburgh University libraryAyrshireDA880.A9 Ayr.18231824Book based on the diaries of an Ayrshire farmerOn an Ayrshire farm, 1823-1824 : based on the diary of Henry Richmond of East Montgarswood, in the parish of Sorn / John Strawhorn.. – University of EdinburghPublished, Diary,
William Dease, farm worker, Seton Mains farmNational Library of ScotlandEast LothianAcc 965518161818Library Search | National Library of Scotland – dease (, M/S
No name or location, East FarmNational Library of ScotlandNot specifiedMS. 1723518841884East Farm diary in a copy of “Campbell’s condensed scribbling diary”. – National Library of Scotland (, M/S
Begbie family, Congaiton Mains and CarperstaneNational Library of ScotlandEast LothianMS. 916217291770Farm Accounts, some additional entries for 1790Farm account book, 1729-1770, dealing largely with crops and wages on the farms of Congaiton Mains and Carperstane in East Lothian, by various members of the Begbie family, with a few entries added by a later generation in the 1790s. – National Library of Scotland (, M/S
Braidwood Farm, MidlothianNational Library of ScotlandMidlothianAcc. 773817961802Farm account book of Braidwood Farm, Midlothian. – National Library of Scotland (, M/S
Broomhall Park, KelsoNational Library of ScotlandBordersAcc.640817591760Extracts from letters, might have been publishedFarm journal of Broomhall Park, Kelso. – National Library of Scotland (, M/S
Brunstane estateNational Library of ScotlandEdinburgh and BordersMSS. 17484-1748617371754Account books incl details of cropsCatalogue of Archives and Manuscripts Collections | National Library of Scotland | NLSMSS | Farm books of Brunstane estate.Accounts, M/S
Hays family, Yester mains, nr HaddingtonNational Library of ScotlandEdinburgh (East Lothian)MS. 1464016501695Part of much larger collection; also includes accts 1785-1800 (MS. 14698)Catalogue of Archives and Manuscripts Collections | National Library of Scotland | NLSMSS | Farm accounts, Yester.Accounts, M/S
Fletcher family, Brunstane EstateNational Library of ScotlandEdinburghMSS.17484-1748617371754Part of much larger collection; also includes cash books for East Farm 1883-1886, MS 17233, 17234Catalogue of Archives and Manuscripts Collections | National Library of Scotland | NLSMSS | Farm books of Brunstane estate.Accounts, M/S
Elliot family, LochfellyNational Library of ScotlandFifeMS. 1328818061810Farm labour journalsCatalogue of Archives and Manuscripts Collections | National Library of Scotland | NLSMSS | Lochgelly farm labour journals.Accounts, M/S
Walker of Bowland, nr GalashielsNational Library of ScotlandBordersMS 14054-1408618111840Set of accounts for Bowland farmCatalogue of Archives and Manuscripts Collections | National Library of Scotland | NLSMSS | Account book of Bowland farm.Accounts, M/S
Soutra Mains Farm, PathheadNational Library of ScotlandMidlothianAcc. 827517691869Catalogue of Archives and Manuscripts Collections | National Library of Scotland | NLSMSS | Account books and other papers concerning the Soutra Mains Farm.Accounts, M/S
John Dougllas, InchmarloNational Library of ScotlandAberdeenshireAcc. 7009 (now MS.14281)17581775Set of accountsCatalogue of Archives and Manuscripts Collections | National Library of Scotland | NLSMSS | Farm account book of John Douglass of Inchmarlo.Accounts, M/S
Pinkie estate and farmNational Library of ScotlandEast LothianMS. 1471616711761Catalogue of Archives and Manuscripts Collections | National Library of Scotland | NLSMSS | Pinkie estate and farm accounts and receipts.Accounts, M/S
Lady Meade, poss of MintoNational Library of ScotlandBordersMS. 1293717381747Part of much larger collectionCatalogue of Archives and Manuscripts Collections | National Library of Scotland | NLSMSS | Household and farm account-book of Lady Meade.Accounts, M/S
Deanfoot Farm, part of Minto estateNational Library of ScotlandBordersMSS. 13219-1322417871898Labour journals of work performed; Part of much larger collectionCatalogue of Archives and Manuscripts Collections | National Library of Scotland | NLSMSS | Labour journals of work performed at Deanfoot Farm.Accounts, M/S
Newhailes farm journalNational Library of ScotlandEast LothianMss 25803-2581218301842Catalogue of Archives and Manuscripts Collections | National Library of Scotland | NLSMSS | Newhailes farm journals, including records of house rents, money, grain, stock, and daily labour.Accounts, M/S
William Duthie, Nether Corskie Farm, DunechtAberdeen ArchivesAberdeenshirePD418871891Search Results (, M/S
Fetlar FarmShetland ArchivesShetlandD24/Box 5318791901Work book, and many more farm recordsSearch Results (, M/S
J Badenach, StonehavenMERLAberdeenshirelibrary 3680 BAD17891797Published in 1992; also in Orkney Flitting the flakes: the diary of J Badenach a Stonehaven farmer 1789-1798 by PEARSON, Mowbray (, Diary,
Patrick Fea of Stove, OrkneyOrkney ArchivesOrkney17661796Published in 1997, eds Fea and Hewison; book available as a free PDF diary of Patrick Fea of Stove, Orkney, 1766-1796 by Fea, Patrick, Hewison, W. S (, Diary,
Janet Burnet (possibly wife of J Badenach above)Orkney ArchivesOrkney17581795Published 1994; copy on amazon frost and snow: the diary of Janet Burnet, 1758-1795 by Burnet, Janet, Pearson, Mowbray (, Diary,
Walter Scott, Nether BonchesterNational Library of ScotlandRoxburghshire (Borders)MS718417301743Catalogue of Archives and Manuscripts Collections | National Library of Scotland | NLSMSS | Diary of Walter Scott, farmer at Nether Bonchester, Roxburghshire.Diary, M/S
George Watson, probably a farmerNational Library of ScotlandKincardineshireMS267917471782Notes on the weather and farmingCatalogue of Archives and Manuscripts Collections | National Library of Scotland | NLSMSS | ‘Observations upon the Weather, &c.’ by George Watson, apparently a farmer in Kincardineshire.Diary, M/S
Alexander Murray, Blackhouse, PeterheadNational Library of ScotlandAberdeenshireMSS.9597-960018351860Journals and an autobiography; does not state whether autobiography was publishedCatalogue of Archives and Manuscripts Collections | National Library of Scotland | NLSMSS | Journals and an autobiography of Alexander Murray, a farmer of Blackhouse, Peterhead.Diary, M/S
Peter Brown, Laigh of MorayNational Library of ScotlandMorayM327218151818Journal, plus cash book for 1805-1811Catalogue of Archives and Manuscripts Collections | National Library of Scotland | NLSMSS | Journal, 1815-1818, of Peter Brown, giving a picture of the day-to-day life of a farmer in the Laigh of Moray.Diary, Accounts, M/S
Peter Pullar, Syde Farm, Strathcathro, BrechinNational Museums of Scotland, Scottish Life ArchiveAngusWMS.2009.391.1186218686 diaries, plus accounts – also hold diaries from 1930s by Pullar’s sonDiary (, Accounts, M/S
Buskhead, GleneskMERLAngusLibrary 3530 ATB18851898Published farm cash bookSearch Results for alexander fenton (, Accounts,
Unknown, possibly SelkirkshireScottish Borders Archives CollectionSelkirkshireSBA/95917801780HUBCAT: Record (, M/S
George McWillieUniversity of Aberdeen, Special CollectionsAberdeenshireMS331118261876PhotocopyPapers relating to George McWillie, farmer, and the McWillie family of Botriphnie, Aberdeenshire – Archives Hub (, M/S
John Clerk, PenicuikWest Lothian16631674Boydell and Brewer book of household accounts for landed estate, with information on wider contextThe General Account Book of John Clerk of Penicuik, 1663-1674 (, Accounts,
Elias Jones, Gwredog Farm, AngleseyBangor University ArchivesAngleseyGWR/51-8218711892Gwredog Farm Diaries – Gwredog Manuscripts – Archives Hub (, M/S
Hendrefeinws Farm, ChwilogBangor University ArchivesCaernarfonshireBMSS HEN18671924Diary entries by at least 2 peopleHendrefeinws Farm Diaries – Archives Hub (, M/S
William Watkins, Llantilio PertholeyGwent ArchivesMonmouthshireMisc MSS 165618511865William Watkins, Llantilio Pertholey, Farm Diary – Archives Hub (, M/S
Thomas Williams, Llanfair Pwll…Bangor University ArchivesAngleseyBMSS THW188519017 diariesThomas Williams Diaries – Archives Hub (, M/S
Ellis James, FaenolBangor University ArchivesGwyneddBMSS ELLJA18361876in WelshDiaries of Ellis James, Faenol – Archives Hub (, M/S
Robert Roberts, Clwt Grugoer, LlansannanBangor University ArchivesDenbighshireBMSS RR18351871Entries in Welsh up to 1838, then in EnglishDiaries and accounts of Robert Roberts, Llansannan – Archives Hub (, M/S
EM Edmunds and Jane Edmunds, Talwrn BachBangor University ArchivesMerionethshireBMSS EDMU18731929Welsh and English, farm diaires kept by Jane EdwardsDiaries of Mr E. M. Edmunds and Jane Edmunds, his wife – Archives Hub (, M/S
Henry Williams, Cefn Emrys, LlandwrogGwynedd ArchivesCaernarfonshireXD/6618831903Welsh and English, collection includes other farm diaries going up to 1981Casgliad Bachwen, Clynnog – Archives Hub (, M/S
Richard, John and Elizabeth Jones, Ty Cerrig, Llanfihangel-y-traethauGwynedd ArchivesMerionethshireZ/DBK17671898Welsh and English, farm accts, letters and other papersThe Papers of Ty Cerrig, parish of Llanfihangel-y-traethau – Archives Hub (, M/S
collected by Robert Alun Roberts, academicBangor University ArchivesNot specifiedBMS/RAR18531873Welsh and English, possibly cover several locationsProfessor Robert Alun Roberts Papers – Archives Hub (, M/S
John William Prichard, AngleseyBangor University ArchivesAngleseyBMSS JWPP17971797Part of much larger collectionJohn William Prichard (Prisiart) Papers – Archives Hub (, M/S
FS Whittingham, Hafod farm, Pontblyddyn and Pant Farm, CaergwrieNorth East Wales ArchivesFlintshire208 D-WM18901977Part of much larger collectionWHITTINGHAM MSS – Archives Hub (,
Hendre, Monmouthshire – Rolls familyGwent ArchivesMonmouthshireROLLS D36118621936Part of much larger collectionDocuments relating to the Rolls family, barons Llangattock, of The Hendre – Archives Hub (, M/S
Anne Jenkins, Trecefel, TregaronNational Library of WalesCeredigionARCH/MSS (GB0210)1886194760 diairesAnne Jenkins diaries, – National Library of Wales Archives and Manuscripts;, M/S
Agnes Griffiths, TR GriffithsPembrokeshire ArchivesPembrokeshireHDX/1017188018808 diaries by Agnes, detailing work of a farmer’s wife; no indication as to whether in English or WelshSearch Results (, M/S
Edward Davies, Berriew parishNational Library of WalesMontgomeryshireGB 0210 EDWIES18831933Edward Davies Papers – National Library of Wales Archives and ManuscriptsDiary, M/S
BalaMerlSnowdoniaD CCAL B/318231861extracts in letters from Miss Evernden of CranbrookUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsDiary, M/S
John Perkins of Llantrithyd, Vale of GlamorganGlamorgan ArchivesGlamorganLib/G/77xxxi17881801Morgannwg: Journal of Glamorgan History, Vol.XXXI, 1987, pp 9-36; article on the book is here: Results (, Diary,
William Thomas and Rees Davies ThomasGlamorgan ArchivesGlamorganDX850/118311833Diary entries by 2 people, includes agricultureSearch Results (, M/S?
Richards family, Cwm-taf fechan; owned several farmsGlamorgan ArchivesBreconshireDX874/1-261843191925 volumes of notebooks and diaries; Welsh and EnglishSearch Results (, M/S
Nicholl family, Merthyr MawrGlamorgan ArchivesGlamorganDMM17741861Part of much larger collection, no specific reference givenSearch Results (, M/S
Davies family, EglwysbrewisGlamorgan ArchivesGlamorganDXAM (DXAM96-141)18071905Large collection of farm diaries and farm accountsCollection browser (, Accounts, M/S
David or Davies family, Ynysdawley, nr Seven sistersWest Glamorgan ArchivesGlamorganD/DXjx18451928West Glamorgan Archive Service online catalogue: Record (, M/S
Popton Farm, PwllcrochanPembrokeshire ArchivesPembrokeshireHDX/3818671877Search Results (, Accounts, M/S
Ffynnon Druidion Farm, St NicholasPembrokeshire ArchivesPembrokeshireHDX/121/218851895in WelshSearch Results (, M/S
Agnes Griffiths, Style Farm, BosherstonPembrokeshire ArchivesPembrokeshireHDX/1017/1 – 1017/718821915Search Results (, M/S
Thomas Rogers Griffiths, Style Farm, BosherstonPembrokeshire ArchivesPembrokeshireHDX/1018 – 3918821907Search Results (, M/S
Benjamin Thomas, Cwmfforchwen Farm, Palleg, YstradgynlaisPowys ArchivesPowysB/X/152/TF/318941897in Welsh and EnglishCalmView: Record (, M/S
CefngarthmylPowys ArchivesPowysM/X/46/318581858CalmView: Record (, M/S
No name or locationPowys ArchivesPowysR/D/PEN/2718761880CalmView: Record (, M/S
William Jones, Llwynfynwent, PenbueltPowys ArchivesBrecknockshireB/DX/9?not clear if are farming diaries although Jones was a farmer; dates not clearCalmView : Collection Browser (, M/S
John Ransom of HitchinBedford ArchivesHertfordshireX67/834-93318171830farm records, part of a larger collectionBedfordshire Archives Service Catalogue | DetailsDiary?, ?, M/S
Abraham Crouch of SegenhoeBedford ArchivesBedfordshireAD118518651921Bedfordshire Archives Service Catalogue | DetailsAccounts, M/S
Beckerings Park Lodge, Warren FarmBedford ArchivesBedfordshireAD198218791879Bedfordshire Archives Service Catalogue | DetailsAccounts, M/S
John Jones, part of Chastleton estate papersOxford History CentreOxfordshireE24/1/F2/818071809estate account book, incl sale of cheese, beans; is also E24/1/F2/10 for 1840-1841Heritage Search – Oxfordshire County CouncilAccounts, M/S
William Finch, Walker’s Farm, Middle BartonOxford History CentreOxfordshireF15/1/A1/118471870notes about rent and cropsHeritage Search – Oxfordshire County CouncilAccounts, M/S
Richard Spyer, Brightwell?Oxford History CentreOxfordshireF2/3/G/217961797Heritage Search – Oxfordshire County CouncilAccounts, M/S
Robert Harry Caldecott (1887-1980), MalpasCheshire ArchivesCheshire230422??Book produced from farmer’s original writingsCalmView: Record (, Diary?,
John Ryle, NorthendenCheshire ArchivesCheshireDX 23 / 2??Notebook (mentioned in Brodie Waddell’s paper as farmer’s writing); date sometime 1600-1699; part of much larger collectionCalmView: Record (, M/S
William Storr, Wistow, nr YorksBorthwick Institute for ArchivesYorkshireMD/11216781731The Book of Remarks of William Storr of Scalm Park (not sure if was published); Mentioned in Brodie Waddell’s paper; extracts appear in Yorks Arch Journal vol VII (1881-1882) pp44-62‘The Book of Remarks of William Storr of Scalm Park 1678-1731’ with 19th century additions – Borthwick Catalogue (, Diary?, Accounts, M/S?
Thomas Gardiner, Tytherton LucasWiltshire and Swindon ArchivesWiltshirePR316/9/811/21616771753Commonplace Book’ continued by son and grandson; contains notes on weather, apple harvest, medicinal recipes; mentioned in Brodie Waddell; transcript excerpts in Wilts Notes and Queries, vol 7, p60-65, 100-105, 147-152.Search Results (, M/S
Alfred Thomas Matthews, Church HanboroughOxford History CentreOxfordshireSZ630/(MAT)18771877Photocopy of diary in book formHeritage Search – Oxfordshire County CouncilDiary?, M/S
John Simpson CalverttOxford History CentreOxfordshireOV920/CALV18751900Rain and ruin: the diary of an Oxfordshire farmer’, ed. C MillerHeritage Search – Oxfordshire County CouncilPublished, Diary?,
John Stopes, farm, location not namedOxford History CentreOxfordshireF2/1/F1/117721865Heritage Search – Oxfordshire County CouncilAccounts, M/S
Henry Totty, Lydiate Farm, HeswallCheshire Record OfficeCheshire22020918681880Transcript of diary, which is in private handsCalmView: Record (, M/S
Ambrose Reed, Trevell, Lewannick and Trehummer, TresmereCornwall ArchivesCornwallAD3103/218801912Series of diariesKresen KernowDiary?, M/S
Samuel West, Burlorne Farm, St BreockCornwall ArchivesCornwallAD2614/1/118871899Day to day entriesKresen KernowDiary?, M/S
James Warne, Woodstreet Farm, WoolDorset ArchivesDorsetD-40617571758JAMES WARNE OF WOODSTREET FARM, WOOL, ARCHIVE. (, M/S
Martinstown Brewery FarmDorset ArchivesDorsetD-398/218941895Remains of diaryMARTINSTOWN BREWERY ARCHIVE. (, Accounts, M/S
Details of various diaries and accounts held on pdfonlineWiltshire00a (
Robert Wansborough, ShrewtonWiltshire and Swindon ArchivesWiltshire16331634Diary and journal paperv.54=no.194-197 (1951-1952) – Wiltshire archaeological and natural history magazine – Biodiversity Heritage Library (, Diary,
Diaries of Henry Hill, Slackfields FarmDerbyshire Record OfficeDerbyshire630.9425118721896Ed John Heath, published 1982Catalogue Description (, Diary,
Harpur Crewe family, Calke Abbey, day bookDerbyshire Record OfficeDerbyshireD2375/E/F/1/218121812Day book, work done by horse teams and labourers (incl women)Catalogue Description (, M/S
James Baines, Wintry Park Farm, EppingEssex Record OfficeEssexD/DU 894/118971898Essex Archives Online – Catalogue: D/DU 894/1Diary, M/S
Robert Field, Dursley Cross Farm, LonghopeGloucestershire ArchivesGloucestershireD4380/118781890Farm diaries and accounts of Robert Field (, M/S
Ashley Hatch Farm journalHampshire ROHampshire130A11/118261828Record (, M/S
Halshanger Garm, AshburtonDevon Heritage CentreDevon1164B/6/1718501909Halshanger Farm in Ashburton (, Accounts, M/S
Jacob Weymouth, Lincombe FarmDevon Heritage CentreDevonMFC/41/1-418301832Lincombe Farm and Barnstaple Deanery (, M/S
William Harris Norris, Loxbeare BartonDevon Heritage CentreDevon500M/F/1-218741890Farming Diaries kept by William Harris Norris of Loxbeare Barton (, M/S
James Daxon, Overbank Farm, Newton-le-WillowsWarrington LibraryLancashireWMS 2400, WMS274818311865CalmView: Record (, M/S
John Douglas, Dailly, AyrshireDumfries and Galloway ArchivesAyrshireEGD110/818791881are also diaries from 1907-1940Search Results (, M/S
James Willox, Mains of Culsh, New DeerAberdeen University archivesAberdeenshireMS3690188018996 pages of recorded memoriesRecord View | Archive Collections | University of Aberdeen (, M/S
Thomas Graham Bonar, GreigstonFife18241833diaries published in 2001Farm and Family in Early Nineteenth-century Fife – Google BooksPublished, Diary,
Henry Richmond, E Montgarswood, SornAyrshire18231824On an Ayrshire Farm, based on 19th-century diariesOn an Ayrshire Farm 1823-1824 – Google BooksPublished, Diary,
Diary of Janet BurnetAberdeenshire17581795Transcribed diaries of Aberdeenshire landowner’s wifeMore Frost and Snow – Google BooksPublished, Diary,
At Brechin with Stirks, A Farm Cash Book from Buskhead, Glenesk, AngusAngus18851898Cash book, ed A Fenton, published 1994At Brechin with Stirks: Farm Cash-book from Buskhead, Glenesk, Angus, 1885-98 (Sources in Local History S.): Fenton, Alexander: 9781898410096: BooksPublished, Accounts,
The Chronicles of Muckledale, being the memoirs of Thomas Beattie 1736-1827 [Memoir to 1788, updated thereafter to 1822]Dumfriesshire17361822Published 2016, ed E J Cowan; [Memoir to 1788, updated thereafter to 1822], Diary,
Arthur Court, A Farmer’s Diary: the farming sceneMERLSomersetMERL LIBRARY-3710-COU19641974I think this was written to be publishedA farmer’s diary : the farming scene, 1964-74 / Arthur Court. (, Diary,
Benita Tapster, Life’s Rich Pattern: a country diaryMERLNorthumberlandMERL LIBRARY-3680-TAP19901991I think this was written to be publishedLife’s rich pattern : a country diary 1990-91 / by Benita Tapster. (, Diary,
William Carter Swan, The diary of a farm apprenticeMERLSussexMERL LIBRARY 3680 SWN19091910Published 1984The diary of a farm apprentice : William Carter Swan, 1909-10 / edited by E.E. Swan. (, Diary,
Farmer’s DiaryMERLDurhamFR DUR 1/2/119051905Weather notesFarmer’s diary (, M/S
Frosty, foddered on the fell: diary of a Westmoreland farmerMERLCumbriaMERL LIBRARY -3680-BIR18681914Published 1992Frosty, foddered on the fell : diaries of a Westmorland farmer, 1868-1914 / by Douglas Birkbeck. (, Diary,
Farm Diaries of Bruce and Dora Standbridge of Kensworth and StudhamBedfordshire ArchivesBedfordshireX97819071926Bedfordshire Archives Service Catalogue | DetailsDiary, M/S
Diaries started by R Orme, dairy and poultry farmBedfordshire ArchivesBedfordshireX980/119461961The diaries are ongoing, more still to be depositedBedfordshire Archives Service Catalogue | DetailsDiary, M/S
Frank and Margery Elliott, Church Farm, Lilley, nr LutonBedfordshire ArchivesBedfordshireZ114119261971Were wholesalers and retailers of dairy and farm produceBedfordshire Archives Service Catalogue | DetailsDiary, Accounts, M/S
Farms in East BedsBedfordshire ArchivesBedfordshireZ1198/2/219441947Working diaries of visits to various farms, prob dairyBedfordshire Archives Service Catalogue | DetailsDiary, M/S
Thomas Bell, tenant of Church Far, BiertonBuckinghamshire ArchivesBuckinghamshireD_89/1-1919001919Part of larger collectionDiaries of Thomas Bell of Church Farm, Bierton – Epexio (, M/S
James Todd, The Poplars, HardwickBuckinghamshire ArchivesBuckinghamshireD_90/1-1719011951Farm diaries and other papers relating to the farm of Mr James Todd (1894-1951), The Poplars, Hardwick – Epexio (, Accounts, M/S
John Hall Pratt, Folly Farm, Herts and BucksBuckinghamshire ArchivesBuckinghamshire19021967The diaries cover 1902-1945Accounts and other records of Folly Farm in Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire – EpexioDiary, Accounts, M/S
JW Sallsabanks, Herne Rd, Ramsey St MaryHuntingdonshire ArchivesHuntingdonshireKHAC4/476619481953Search Results (, M/S
Leverington Farm, WisbechCambridgeshire ArchivesCambridgeshireK767/8/719371946Search Results (, M/S
Nathaniel Clarke’s farm, Walpole St PeterCambridgeshire ArchivesNorfolkK767/8/819431948Search Results (, M/S
Farm AccountsCambridgeshire ArchivesHuntingdonshire4/96/4235/6/2419191924Accounts of Cambridgeshire Brick CompanySearch Results (, M/S
RC Brown, Little Wibraham FarmHuntingdonshire ArchivesCambridgeshire4824/10019001902Search Results (, M/S
Farm accounts of Chesterton Hospital (formerly Chesterton Union Workhouse)Cambridgeshire ArchivesCambridgeshireH/Ch/PFz119481951Search Results (, M/S
Farm and garden produce accounts of Fulbourn Hospital (formerly Fulbourn AsylumCambridgeshire ArchivesCambridgeshireKHF/2/519321953Search Results (, M/S
Montagu family, Hinchingbrooke HouseHuntingdonshire ArchivesHuntingdonshireHINCH 5/5419301931Earls of Sandwich estate, part of larger collectionSearch Results (, M/S
WF Cole, Priestly Farm, Flitwick; Biggeswade; Hillcote Farm, MauldenBedfordshire ArchivesBedfordshireZ90819261964Farm accounts and daybooks of several farms run by one family, M/S
Hill Farm, WillingtonBedfordshire ArchivesBedfordshireBMB4/1/14/5/7a-c19111912Bedfordshire Archives Service Catalogue | DetailsAccounts, M/S
Edwin Canvin, Picts Hill moat FarmBedfordshire ArchivesBedfordshireBMB4/1/22/14/6a-d19191919Bedfordshire Archives Service Catalogue | DetailsAccounts, M/S
Clewer FarmBerkshire ArchivesBerkshireD/EX167519431956Berkshire Record Office Collections (, M/S
J H Slade, Manor Farm – Appleton; Aston TirroldBerkshire ArchivesBerkshireD/EX395/119051925Berkshire Record Office Collections (, M/S
L N Pearson, Manor Farm, KirtlingtonOxfordshire History CentreOxfordshireE2919331957Accounts and diariesDIARIES AND ACCOUNTS OF MANOR FARM KIRTLINGTON (, Accounts, M/S
Coldstone Farm, Ascott-under-WychwoodOxfordshire History CentreOxfordshireP18319131916Heritage Search – Oxfordshire County CouncilAccounts,
Wallingford Farm Training ColonyOxfordshire History CentreOxfordshireO33/2/F2/219351956Possibly farm manager’s accountsHeritage Search – Oxfordshire County CouncilAccounts, M/S
UnknownOxfordshire History CentreOxfordshireP4/2/F419121915, M/S
UnknownOxfordshire History CentreOxfordshireP4/2/F4/119121913Labourers and their dutiesHeritage Search – Oxfordshire County CouncilAccounts, M/S
UnknownOxfordshire History CentreOxfordshireP4/2/F4/219141915Labourers and their dutiesHeritage Search – Oxfordshire County CouncilAccounts, M/S
John Edward Thomas Loveday, WardingtonOxfordshire History CentreOxfordshireSZ920/LOVE19091909Photocopy in book form of diary that covers farming; Williamscote House, WardingtonHeritage Search – Oxfordshire County CouncilDiary, M/S
Lory Hosking family, FentongollanCornwall ArchivesCornwallX927 (1-8)19131990Farm diaries, plus an autobiographical bookletKresen KernowPublished, Diary, M/S
Carl Lonsdale Soper, ScillyCornwall ArchivesCornwall942.379092 SOP19501959Self published memoir, ‘Tiller and plough: memories of a farm boy in Scilly 1950s’Kresen KernowPublished, Diary,
Stephen and Margaret Murray, Greenside Farm, HallbankgateCumbriaCumbriaDX170319511978They moved from London to farm in CumbriaCASCAT: Record (, M/S
Charles J FairlessKendalCumbriaWDX145219511971Closed accessCASCAT: Record (, Accounts, M/S
no name but prob Fairless, as aboveKendalCumbriaWDX1452/219581971CASCAT: Record (, M/S
Henry Mounsey, Mill Beck Farm, LangdaleKendalCumbriaWDX167619211957CASCAT: Record (, Accounts, M/S
Hall family, WigtonCarlisleCumbriaDX1065/4719481948Farm not namedCASCAT: Record (, M/S
Fell family, Lower Thrusgill FarmBarrowCumbriaBDFELL/7/27/219231923CASCAT: Record (, M/S
W E M Scott, Great OrtonCarlisleCumbriaDWBS/4/19/419501964Farm accounts and correspondenceCASCAT: Record (, M/S
William J Hooper, Middle Farm, DorchesterDorset ArchivesDorsetD-1200/119321945Day bookMIDDLE FARM, DORCHESTER. (,
Home Farm, Kingston Lacy estateDorset ArchivesDorsetD-BKL/E/C/619371973Day booksDay Books (,
Brooms Farm, Wynford EagleDorset ArchivesDorsetD-21651977200319 diary volsBrooms Farm, Wynford Eagle (, Accounts, M/S
Joan Raymond, Bourne Farm, Winterbourne ClenstonDorset ArchivesDorsetD-235519441953Diary of Bourne Farm. (, M/S
Stoneheads Farm, Whaley BridgeDerbyshire ArchivesDerbyshireD7154/119401985Catalogue Description (, M/S
The Diaries of Maria Gyte of SheldonDerbyshire Record OfficeDerbyshireD572319111921Innkeeper and farmer’s wife, diaries as m/s, also published 1999 (G Phizackerley ed)Catalogue Description (, Diary, M/S
William Blackmore, Pollin’s Cross Farm, HempsteadEssex Record OfficeEssexT/B 597/1/219201920Diary on microfilm; additional diaries 1917-1919, 1923-1924 T/B597/1/1 and T/B 597/1/3Essex Archives Online – Catalogue: T/B 597/1/2Diary, M/S
Doggetts Farm, RochfordEssex Record OfficeEssexD/DU2821/119591960Diary kept by HAP Fisher, agric chemistry student as part of course placement on farmEssex Archives Online – Catalogue: D/DU 2821/1Diary, M/S
Joan Wright, Highams Farm then Market Farm, Great SampfordEssex Record OfficeEssexA1279919352004Includes entries on German POWs working on farm 1946; 7 boxesEssex Archives Online – Catalogue: A12799Diary, M/S
Katherine Mina Courtauld, Knights Farm, Colne EngineEssex Record OfficeEssexT326919001900TranscriptEssex Archives Online – Catalogue: T3269Diary, M/S
Primrose McConnellEssex Record OfficeEssexLIB/630.92 MCC19061906The Diary of a Working Farmer: being a true history of a year’s farming in EssexEssex Archives Online – Catalogue: LIB/630.92 MCCPublished, Diary,
J and T Lindsay, Walton’s Hall Farm, MuckingEssex Record OfficeEssexA68591900not clearEssex Archives Online – Catalogue: A6859Diary, M/S
Miss Deeks, Sparrows Farm, Sible HedinghamEssex Record OfficeEssexA1533319021904Unclear as to whether farming activities are coveredEssex Archives Online – Catalogue: A15333Diary, M/S
EJ RudsdaleEssex Record OfficeEssexD/DU 888/25/119421942Part of larger diary collection, 1939-1945; deals with work as WarAgc, includes entry on suicide of farmer whose farm was taken over; diary entries online at Archives Online – Catalogue: D/DU 888/25/1Published, Diary, M/S
Ampney Sheephouse Far, Ampney CrucisGloucestershire ArchivesGloucestershire19481990Are also accounts from 1904Diaries (, M/S
Arkell family, Kineton Home Farm, Temple GuitingGloucestershire ArchivesGloucestershireD1312219th century1972Much of this collection is uncataloguedFarming records, Temple Guiting and Bourton-on-the-Water area (, M/S
Cornock familyGloucestershire ArchivesGloucestershireD207819061914Also diaries 1920-1921, unclear if farm diaries; largely uncataloguedPenley, Milward and Bayley of Dursley, solicitors (, M/S
Eggar of BentlyHampshire ArchivesHampshire17M5919131925Record (, M/S
Clift bros, Stocks Farm BramleyHampshire ArchivesHampshire108M9519551988Record (, M/S
Alwyn Stacey, Will Hall Farm, AltonHampshire ArchivesHampshire139A1019491960Diaries 1949, 1951-1960Record (, M/S
William Scrambler, Penton Grafton FarmHampshire ArchivesHampshire145A1319281985Record (, M/S
Lt Col T K Walker, Gambledown Far, Sherfield EnglishHampshire ArchivesHampshire150M8819481965Record (, M/S
Northington Farm, OvertonHampshire ArchivesHampshire93A2219401950Day book rather than diaryRecord (, M/S
Price Addis, Chilson Farm, MadleyHerefordshire ArchivesHerefordshireA60/2-4 and 5-3419171957Day books and diariesFarm and Village Records – Madley (, M/S
W H Wigmore, Bryant’s Farm, GoodrichHerefordshire ArchivesHerefordshireBS32/1-219211922Diaries of W.H. Wigmore (, M/S
Major Alexander Ruthven Pym, BarnfieldKent History CentreKent19461971Also ref 35-41Search results (,
Higher Brockholes Farm, GrimsarghLancashire ArchivesLancashireDDTs19201922Part of much larger collectionLANCAT: Search Results (, M/S
H W Worsley Taylor?, Whalley?Lancashire ArchivesLancashireDDWT/Box7319151917Cannot be accessed at present as too fragile, contact in advanceLANCAT: Search Results (, Accounts, M/S
Simpson family, Cow Hill Farm, RishtonLancashire ArchivesLancashireDDX 1862/ACC987919521991Diaries for various dates, especially 1950s and 1960sLANCAT: Search Results (, Accounts, M/S
Titus Thornber, Middle Pasture FarmLancashire ArchivesLancashireDDX 2585/4/119972000Diary 1997, 1999-2000LANCAT: Search Results (,
Wood family, Higher Woodhouse Farm, SlaidburnLancashire ArchivesLancashireDDX 29961914196727 volumesLANCAT: Search Results (, M/S
Whiteside family, St AnnesLancashire ArchivesLancashireDDX 3090/acc11838/box219331947Day books 1933-37; diaries 1947LANCAT: Search Results (, Accounts, M/S
Martland family, Stag’s Head Farm, Aintree and Aintree Hall FarmLancashire ArchivesLancashireDDX 364619201976LANCAT: Search Results (, M/S
Moody family, Bedlam Farm, HathernLeicestershire ArchivesLeicestershireDE995819202010Uncatalogued collection, 21 boxes includes diariesSearch Results (, M/S
Ellis and Shipley families, Aston Farm, FillongleyLeicestershire ArchivesWarwickshireDE8520/118391917Search Results (, M/S
Rookery Farm, Hurstbourne TarrantMERLHampshireFR HAN 419121931Set of diaries 1912-13, 1913-15, 1915-18, 1923-31Search Results for FARM DIARIES series FR HAN 4/1 (, M/S
Godbridge Farm, HolportMERLBerkshireFR BER 5/219061955University of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsDiary, M/S
East Farm, Codford St MaryMERLWiltshireFR WIL 1419151960University of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsDiary, M/S
Field Farm, BurghfieldMERLBerkshireFR BER 41/1/119301951University of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsDiary, M/S
JFA Tooley, Lodge Farm, King’s Walden, HitchinMERLHertfordshireFR HERT 13/B19581997Also Fr HERT 13/A notebooks 1938-1959University of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsDiary, M/S
Audrey Law, Freshfields Poultry Farm, Tinsley Green, CrawleyMERLSussexFR DX201619301946Diaries include work on other farmsUniversity of Reading | Archive and Museum Database | DetailsDiary, M/S
Kerkham Farms, Terrington St Clement andClenchwardenNorfolk Record OfficeNorfolkBR383 2 1-2719561982Farm Diaries – Norfolk Record Office Online CatalogueDiary, M/S
Mr E S Buck, Sycamore Farm, RaveninghamNorfolk Record OfficeNorfolkBR14218951955Farming Diaries and Account Books of Mr E.S. Buck, Sycamore Farm, Raveningham – Norfolk Record Office Online CatalogueDiary, M/S
Martins family, Grt WitchinghamNorfolk Record OfficeNorfolkBR31219371940Farm Diaries – Norfolk Record Office Online CatalogueDiary, M/S
E N Hanslip, OutwellNorfolk Record OfficeNorfolkMC3171/219372004Farm diaries of Edward Neville Hanslip – Norfolk Record Office Online CatalogueDiary, M/S
R H Dixon, MorleyNorfolk Record OfficeNorfolkMC 2862/1, 1015X119721974Diaries – Norfolk Record Office Online CatalogueDiary, M/S
Wise family, Norfolk and NorthamptonshireNorfolk Record OfficeNorfolkMC288719491968Part of large collection, includes diaries, accts and ledgers, various dates, uncatalogued, in various boxesPersonal and farming records of the first and second Barons Wise of King’s Lynn – Norfolk Record Office Online CatalogueDiary, Accounts, M/S
Mackaness family, Cesters Over, Monks KirbyNorthamptonshire ArchivesWarwickshireZB013019091972Diaries part of larger collectionNorthamptonshire Archives and Heritage Catalogue | Details (, Accounts,
J H Brown and Freda Brown, Slapton and Greens NortonNorthamptonshire ArchivesNorthamptonshireZB158219172005Diaries part of large, uncatalogued collectionNorthamptonshire Archives and Heritage Catalogue | Details (, M/S
J H Gibbard, Thorpe MandevilleNorthamptonshire ArchivesNorthamptonshireZB0001/01-61, 64-7018801977Dates of diaries not givenNorthamptonshire Archives and Heritage Catalogue | Details (, M/S
Constance Ruth LeathartNorthumberland ArchivesNorthumberlandNRO09332/1/419571990Search Results (, M/S
Hedley Family, Whitelee FarmNorthumberland ArchivesNorthumberlandNRO 6069/118661929Part of larger collection. Includes diaries from 1915-1916 6069/1/8-9Search Results (, M/S
Hale Family, North Farm, NavenbyLincolnshire ArchivesLincolnshireHON19051933Diaries cover 1905-1924Search Results (, Accounts, M/S
JM Robinson and Son, Greenlands Farm, LimberLincolnshire ArchivesLincolnshireLIMBER FARM19201944Farming at North Thoresby pre 1923. Are also accounts up to 1954Search Results (, Accounts, M/S
Annie Sharp, MintingLincolnshire ArchivesLincolnshireMISC DON 108619411946Childhood diarySearch Results (,
C H Lill, White House Far, SpanbyLincolnshire ArchivesLincolnshireMISC DON 111319211932Search Results (, M/S
Edith Cartwight, Red House Farm, North SomercotesLincolnshire ArchivesLincolnshireMISC DON 175119492001Farmer’s wife diaries. Earliest cover Footbridge Farm, Shropshire.Search Results (, M/S
Tom Pearcy, Glen Farm, Weston Barton, DevonSurrey History CentreDevon3587/Box 4/33-3819101933Farm diaries, kept by Tom Pearcy, re Weston Barton, Devon. Mainly record of payments to farm workers and their work, rents received, mating of live stock, and similar diaries for Glen Farm. 1910, 1912, 1916, 1931, 1932, 1933 (, M/S
Okey Family, Pilgrims Farm, OxtedSurrey History CentreSurrey8238/3/19321990Part of large collection; includes references to other farmsFARMING DIARIES (,
William Hume, New Park FarmSurrey History CentreSurrey261112519561999Yearly diaries kept by Mr William Hume, containing brief record of work he performed each day, at New Park Farm. Includes brief note of weather conditions. Lacking 1962, 1964, 1985-1988 (,
Burree family, Manor Farm, ByfleetSurrey History CentreSurrey723919531985Market Garden cropping recordsBURREE FAMILY OF MANOR FARM, BYFLEET, MARKET GARDENERS: CROPPING DIARIES AND CORRESPONDENCE (, M/S
Pyrford Court Estate, diaries covering Ldy Place, Hoebridge and Park farmsSurrey History CentreSurrey971919281937large estatePYRFORD COURT ESTATE IN PYRFORD AND WOKING OF RUPERT GUINNESS, 2ND EARL OF IVEAGH (1874-1967), INCLUDING LADY PLACE, HOEBRIDGE, ROUNDBRIDGE AND PARK FARMS: FARMING DIARIES (,
Vera Rassell, Heath Farm, SendSurrey History CentreSurrey778719431946Diaries covering her time in the Women’s Land ArmyVERA L RASSELL (1910-2004) OF GUILDFORD: WOMEN’S LAND ARMY AND FAMILY PAPERS (,
William Paddison, Saltfleetby St PeterLincolnshire ArchivesLincolnshireMISC DON 731/118691916Farmer and methodist, personal diaries, part of larger collection see PADDISON below; article on Paddison, M/S
William Paddison, Saltfleetby St PeterLincolnshire ArchivesLincolnshirePADDISON18681905Farmer and coal merchant, part of larger collection, diaries cover 1868-1905, farm accounts 1847-1918; persoanl diaries at link aboveSearch Results (, Accounts, M/S
William Woollhead, ThornboroughBuckinghamshire ArchivesBuckinghamshireAR 89/2004 will be D-X 1696 when catalogued18331914‘The Farm’, notebook containing notes on farming, including list of tasks through the year, details of crops and the performance of various agricultural tasks, believed to be the work of William Woollhead of Thornborough, 1833-1914contact archive for accessDiary, M/S
Edwin William Woollhead, ThornboroughBuckinghamshire ArchivesBuckinghamshireAR 53/200619081908probably related to William Woollhead, abovecontact archive for accessDiary, M/S
Mr W L Hosking, East Harting Farm, nr PetersfieldWest Sussex ArchivesWest SussexAM113419501977Search ResultsDiary, M/S
Richard FitterEast Sussex Record OfficeEast SussexSxMOA1/2/6/1/E/719401940Part of Mass Observation archive, under cmployment of conscientious objectorsFarm Diary 9.9.40 (Richard Fitter) (, M/S
Gerald Gordon Gay, Horsmans Farm, SedlescombeEast Sussex Record OfficeEast SussexACC10245/219361959Diaries of a fruit farm; precise dates unclear; includes one wartime diaryGay and Corbett families of Horsmans Farm, Sedlescombe: farming records (, M/S
Jack Harmer, HamseyEast Sussex Record OfficeEast SussexPAR357/26/2/119741975Photocopies of diary that appeared in East Sussex FarmerPhotocopy articles ‘Farm Diary’ by Jack Harmer, published in ‘The East Sussex Farmer’ (, Diary,
Pauline Hockney, The Deans, PiddinghoeEast Sussex Record OfficeEast SussexAMS543919391940Diary of a land girlDiary of Pauline Hockney as a land-girl at The Deans, Piddinghoe (, M/S
Barbara Jackson, Conyboro Farm, Barcome, LewsEast Sussex Record OfficeEast SussexACC12861/7/519391939Poultry farm notesPoultry Notes: Barbara Jackson’s diary and notes of work done at Conyboro Poultry farm [Barcombe, Lewes] (, M/S
RJ Ketteringham, Grt Worge Farm, BrightlingEast Sussex Record OfficeEast SussexACC12320/11/5719231923Diary of RJ Ketteringham, Great Worge Farm, Brightling (, M/S
Hamsey FarmEast Sussex Record OfficeEast SussexACC6220/919301972Part of larger collection; diaries 1930-49 and 1953-72Box 9 (, M/S
Fulford of Bideford, Southcott BartonNorth Devon Record OfficeDevonB840/11/119151972Farm not named; are 16 diariesFarm Diaries (, M/S
Benjamin Salter, Newlands FarmDevon Heritage CentreDevon4577M/F/1-3818511928Also farm accountsDiaries of Benjamin Salter, Newlands Farm (, Accounts, M/S
Mosshayne Farm, PinhoeDevon Heritage CentreDevon4156M19141915Also farm diary for 1930-1931; uncatalogued collectionMosshayne Farm, Pinhoe (, Accounts, M/S
Faith Lowe, ThrowleighDevon Heritage CentreDevonDRP/5219181918Digital copy on CD; not clear if copy of m/s or a transcript1918 Lowe Diary (, M/S?
Mrs Holland, Ensis Farm, TawstockNorth Devon Record OfficeDevonB355/0/719731973Diary of Mrs Holland (, M/S
Hallet of LympstoneDevon Heritage CentreDevon5278M19231923Uncatalogued collection, also diary for 1893Hallett of Lympstone (, M/S
Poplar House Farm, StainesLondon Metropolitan ArchivesMiddlesexACC/181018621953Part of large collectionSUSSEX ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY | London Metropolitan Archives (, M/S
Fordhall FarmShropshire ArchivesShropshireX8035/919651975no name or locationSearch results (, M/S
unnamed farmShropshire ArchivesShropshireX7577/22/319251926Search results (, M/S
Robert and James Powrie, ArnbathieNational Museums of Scotland (Edin)PerthshireW.MS.2004.48.1 to 48.1619261968Diaries cover the dates 1926-31, 1938-40, 1946-47, 1950, 1953, 1954-56, 1958-59, 1964-65, 1966, 1967-68Diary (, M/S
Willy McWhirter, Carrot and Myres farm (Whitelee Forest, nr East Kilbride)National Museums of Scotland (Edin)RenfrewshireW. MS.2008.7819661977Booklet from oral history project. Could be his diary or notes made on his contributionWhitelee An Oral History of a 20th Century Scottish Forest Farm Diaries of Mr Willy McWhirter Manager, Carrot & Myres Farms, Renfrewshire 1966-1977 (, M/S?
John Ramsay Pullar, The Syde Farm, Strathcathro, BrechinNational Museums of Scotland (Edin)AngusW.MS.2009.391.719311934Unbound diary pages; son of Peter Pullar whose diaries run 1862-1868 at same farmDiary (, M/S
Thomas Jardine, Feuchie Mill, FeuchieNational Museums of Scotland (Edin)FifeW.MS.2012.18.119211921Notes in a printed diaryThe Farmers Business Diary and Calendar for 1921 (, M/S
Jardine, Balmakin Farm, ColinsburghNational Museums of Scotland (Edin)FifeW.MS.2007.22319651972Diary (, M/S
John Douglas, High Balyett, Inch, WigtownshireDumfries and Galloway ArchivesWigtownshireEGD110/819071940There are also 1879 and 1881 diaries from AyrshireSearch Results (, M/S
Tillydaff FarmUniversity of Aberdeen archivesAberdeenshireMS341919581967Also one diary from 1868, M/S
William Stephen Tait, diaries from 6 farms, starting with Campston 1880-1888, ending with At Ingsay, Birsay 1920-1941Caithness ArchivesHighlandsC/P/671/218801941Transcripts of diariesSearch Results (, M/S
Forsyth family, Ballintraid Farm, InvergordonInverness ArchivesHighlandsHCA/D237/919501968Diaries are part of a larger collection which dates to 1854 and includes crop books, letters and more; not clear if diaries are personal or farm diariesSearch Results (, M/S
John Hamilton Howel, TrewellwellPembrokeshire ArchivesPembrokeshireJHH/1-519211970Part of a large collection that includes farm recordsSearch Results (, M/S
RJ and DD Walmsley, Ysgarwen Farm, Cilgwyn, NewportPembrokeshire ArchivesPembrokeshireHDX/167819612001Diaries with notes on weather, farm activities feeding, . 2nd series with stock and crop information.Search Results (, M/S
Frank Smart Whittingham, Hafod and Pant farmsNorth East Wales ArchivesFlintshireD/WM/4219061964, M/S
Robin Griffiths, Golden Grove Estate, LlanasaNorth East Wales ArchivesFlintshire19671993Farm bailiff’s diaries; no ref no providedYou searched for – North East Wales Archives (, M/S