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by paulbahs
28 Aug 2019, 20:14
Forum: Agricultural history
Topic: The Land Utilisation Survey of Britain ed L. D. Stamp
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Re: The Land Utilisation Survey of Britain ed L. D. Stamp

It's not a lawyerly response, but this is a pro bono, non-profit, publication. I'd just come up with a generic acknowledgement to Stamp/Clark/LUS. No one's going to sue your bottom off, as our American friends would say.
by paulbahs
30 May 2019, 08:45
Forum: Agricultural history
Topic: Eighteenth-century potatoes
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Re: Eighteenth-century potatoes

See index to VCH Shropshire 4. Late C18 stuff is pp.178-9.
by paulbahs
07 Feb 2019, 08:48
Forum: Agricultural history
Topic: Flax in First World War
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Flax in First World War

Randolph Schwabe's painting of flax growing near Podington (Beds) (find it via google) is well-known, if you're interested in such things. Having recently found a photograph of the enterprise I'm tring to find out more, with a view to publishing something. The large-scale flax farm near Yeovil is fa...
by paulbahs
07 Feb 2019, 08:32
Forum: Agricultural history
Topic: Model Farms
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Re: Model Farms


I'm an ex-Historic England Inspector based in Northants and well-versed in assessing and understanding historic farm buildings. Do get in touch: I'm on 01832 280344.

Best wishes

Paul Stamper