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by Greenwood
08 Mar 2019, 08:26
Forum: Agricultural history
Topic: 18th Century Recipe Booklet - for cows
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Re: 18th Century Recipe Booklet - for cows

Hi Kelly, I would very much like to see a scan of your recipes and cast my veterinary book collector/historian eye over it. Trying to make sense of these recipes and trace their history is an interest of mine.

Andrew Greenwood.
by Greenwood
09 Oct 2018, 15:17
Forum: Agricultural history
Topic: Murrain
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Re: Murrain

Murrain, according to the Shorter OED, means an infectious plague, derived from the root of 'mourir'. Its use for a specifically animal plague is dated from 1613; therein lies the problem as it was used for different diseases by different authors at different times. The only common factor is its app...