Agriculture tool Identification ?

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Agriculture tool Identification ?

Post by Prouty99 »

Repton 1920s.jpg
Hi everyone.

I'm having trouble with a restoration of a farm in my family history, not because of the damage to the photo (which I can handle), but with the identification of an agricultural tool I have never seen before

Just s bit of background, the farm is based around Repton in Darbyshire (UK) and was taken between 1920 and 1930. It looks like a dairy farm with an assortment of labourers both on the dairy side and the hay collection side

There are two tools I had problems with, the first has been identified as a hay rake (Held upright by the person third from right on the back row)

the second tool looks just as large and is also held upright by the person second from right (standing up) but for the life of me I cannot identify this item. It looks like another hay rake but it appears to only have half a rake at the top and a handle on the shaft that sticks out where the man is holding the shaft.

Can anyone identify this? It looks like it has a wooden shaft and is over six feet tall so it's a substantial tool. It looks like a long Lacrosse stick with a horizontal attachment at the top with wooden teeth. Is that a scythe rake maybe?

Any suggestions welcome

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Re: Agriculture tool Identification ?

Post by Nutmeg »

Looking at this photo at v large magnification, the dark line, which I assume is the 'handle' you mention (just above his hand and sticking down and out to the left) is actually behind the rake, so nothing to do with it. Or am I mistaken about what you meant?

Tony Pratt
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Re: Agriculture tool Identification ?

Post by Tony Pratt »

Hi, I don't think this will help much but for what it is worth I agree with Nutmeg, the dark line is, under high mag, behind the shaft of the tool, the left hand fork of the handle clearly goes across the darker mark. That these tools are hay rakes, or at least the one being held towards the middle of the group, I am certain of - we still use wooden hay rakes of this design (although somewhat smaller heads) at work although not for the hay harvest! I will be very surprised if this is not another hay rake but as I am constantly wrong I look forward to being surprised yet again. Regards Tony

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