research into monasteries

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Tim Jury
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research into monasteries

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I am interested in any information or references anyone can give regarding the impact that the monastic system had on medieval farming with particular reference to the wool trade and subsequent wealth that created for the country as a whole

Alan Wadsworth
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Re: research into monasteries

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One starting point would be John Hare's book - A Prospering Society ( ... ng-society) - whilst the book is Wiltshire-focussed, the bibliography will point you in the direction of wider references - for example, Eileen Power - The wool trade in English medieval history.

Also a trawl of the Agricultural History Review - available online - would pull up references such as the paper by Hare on "The bishop and the prior: demesne agriculture in medieval Hampshire" - see AgHR. 54 (2006) pp187-212, i.e.

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Re: research into monasteries

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The literature is enormous. Much of it is contained in studies of individual monastic houses. I would suggest that you star with a good medieval economic history (so Chris Dyer, Making a living in the Middle Ages or Richard Britnell, Britain and Ireland 1050-1530.

You could approach the question through landscape studies, so Mick Aston, Monasteries in the landscape (2000).

For a study of an individual monastery, amongst the best remains Ian Kershaw, Bolton Priory: the economy of a northern monastery 1286-1325 (1973).
On the medieval wool trade and the contribution to it of monastic houses, see, for instance, Adrian Bell, Chris Brooks and Paul Drybrught, The English wool market (2009) or Susan Rose, The wealth of the England: the English wool trade and its political importance, 1100-1600 (2017).

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