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Open access and the terms and conditions of publication in Agricultural History Review

March 2018

The British Agricultural History Society, as the publisher of Agricultural History Review, is committed to the free circulation of information whilst needing to protect its income from the Review, without which neither the Review nor the Society’s other activities could take place. To further its commitment to open access, the Society makes the Review available to all readers three years after the publication date of the Review both on its own website and through the Ingenta platform.

It is important that the terms and conditions by which the Review operates are carefully and comprehensively spelt out. By accepting an offer of future publication in the Review, authors are deemed to (a) have read and understood the terms and conditions which follow; (b) be able to accept these terms and conditions and (c) undertake that they will subscribe to these terms and conditions.

General notes

The Society recognises that many authors will wish to circulate their work amongst colleagues and professional peers in the form of PDFs. It has no objection to the private circulation of PDFs in this way and on request will supply a watermarked PDF to authors, or they can download a PDF from the Ingenta website if their institution has a subscription. We do not, however, permit the posting of PDFs on open access websites such as Academia or Researchgate or personal webpages from which they can be freely downloaded, until an embargo period of two years has passed from the end of the year in which the paper was published, so a paper published in 2017 may be made freely available from 1 January 2020.

The author of a paper may make a PDF of the paper available to students within the embargo period on teaching sites such as ‘Blackboard’ provided that the site is password-protected and only available to students registered with the author’s university.

Notes for contributors based in UK universities

For authors based in UK universities, the Review offers a gold access route. In return for the payment of a fee of £1700, the Society will make any paper available both on this website and on Ingenta from the point of publication. Any contributor wishing to take advantage of this is asked to make the editor aware of their desire to do so on the submission of the final paper. An invoice will then be raised to be paid by the appropriate university authorities.

Where it is a requirement, authors based in UK universities may also submit the final typescript of their submission (before it goes through our editorial process) to their university’s institutional repository on condition that it is embargoed for a period of three years from the date of submission of the final typescript. They may also submit a PDF of the published paper to their institutional repository on the condition that it is embargoed for two years from the year of publication of the paper: so a paper published in 2017 may be made available from 1 January 2020.

The Society, as publisher of the Review, does not at this time accept submissions under the terms of the UK Scholarly Communications Licence (UK-SCL).


On request, the Society will allow the re-publication of articles (or sections from articles) originally published in the Review provided (a) that a period of three years has passed since the year of publication and (b) provided that full acknowledgement of the first place of publication is made. Please use the contact form and choose Journal Articles.