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Open Access Open access and the terms and conditions of publication

Updated April 2022

Where it is a requirement of funders, authors based in UK universities may submit the Authors Accepted Manuscript (that is, the final typescript of their submission before it goes through our editorial process) to their university’s institutional repository, or any other institutional depository as determined by the funder, for simultaneous publication with the Version of Record (final version) that will appear in the Review. The Authors Accepted Manuscript is understood to be available under a Creative Commons attribution license. Authors are not permitted to circulate the Version of Record, which is embargoed for a period of three years, aside from private circulation noted above. These rules conform to the Open Access policy of the UKRI and Wellcome Trust as current in April 2022 and permit authors funded by those bodies to publish in Agricultural History Review.

The Review also offers a gold access route. In return for the payment of a fee of £1700, the Society will make any paper published in the Review available, free of charge, both on this website and on Ingenta from the point of publication. Any contributor wishing to take advantage of this is asked to make the editor aware of their desire to do so on the submission of the final paper. An invoice will then be raised to be paid by the appropriate person or authorities. Authors may also submit a PDF of the Final Version (published paper) to their institutional repository on the condition that it is embargoed for two years from the year of publication of the paper: so a paper published in 2017 may be made available from 1 January 2020.

The British Agricultural History Society is a charitable organization committed to the fostering and dissemination of research on agricultural and rural history with a particular focus on the British Isles. As such we will always be prepared to discuss the possibility providing Open Access with authors where this reflects our charitable mission whilst maintaining the viability of the Society’s publications.


On request, the Society will allow the re-publication of articles (or sections from articles) originally published in the Review provided (a) that a period of three years has passed since the year of publication and (b) provided that full acknowledgement of the first place of publication is made. Please use the contact form and choose Journal Articles.