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Reader Access Subscribing to the Review and accessing Ingenta

To subscribe to the Review as an individual, use the BAHS membership subscription form. You will then be sent a membership number that enables you to view recent issues online. The process is much the same for institutional subscribers, but there is no online form: you need to contact the Assistant Treasurer.

Accessing the Review through Ingenta Connect (Ingenta)

Whether you are an individual or an institutional member of the BAHS, you are entitled to a free subscription to the online version of the Agricultural History Review. Start by going to the Ingenta web site [opens in another window or tab so that you can follow these instructions].

The process is very similar for both institutional and individual members:

Once you have become a member of the BAHS you need to register for a (free) account with Ingenta. When your account is active, you can activate your (free) subscription to the Agricultural History Review. You'll need your BAHS membership number to activate the subscription to Agricultural History Review.

  1. If you don't have your membership number, you need to contact the Assistant Treasurer.
  2. If you don't already have an Ingenta account, on the Ingenta page, click Register:
  3. On the Personal Registration page, enter your details and click REGISTER.
  4. Sign in using the username and password you have set up. There are several opportunities to do so.
  5. Find Agricultural History Review. You can either use the Search Ingenta Connect box or BROWSE: Publications.
  6. To activate your personal subscription to Agricultural History Review, click Activate personal subscription:
  7. Enter your BAHS memebership number:
    Activate Personal Subscription
  8. You will receive an email from Ingenta that looks like this:
    Buy Article
  9. If you are not signed in, or signed in but without an active subscription, you will see this above an article extract:
  10. Don't click on that! Once you are signed in and have an active subscription, you can download articles for free. Click the Download button:
    Download Article
  11. Happy reading!