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Book Review Guideline Style Guidelines for Book Reviews

All the reviews ever published in Agricultural History Review are published on this web site so there are plenty of examples to look at.

The titles of book reviews and shorter notices should be presented as follows:

  • SUSAN KILBY, Peasant perspectives on the medieval landscape: a study of three communities (University of Hertfordshire Press, 2020). 238 pp. 8 figs, 8 tabs. £18.99.

  • RICHARD HOYLE (ed.), The Farmer in England, 1650-1980 (Ashgate, 2013). xvi + 358 pp., 51 figs, 28 tabs. £80.

  • JOHN WALTER and ROGER SCHOFIELD (eds), Famine, disease and the social order in early modern society (Cambridge University Press, 1989). xiv + 335 pp. £35.

No place of publication should be given. Where a book is published by a private press or a local society, a contact address from which the book can be obtained should be provided. Reviewers should receive with the work to be reviewed bibliographic details of the book in the Review’s house style which they are asked to reproduce exactly at the head of their review.

Book reviews and shorter notices should be no longer than 1,000 words unless requested by the Reviews Editor. Where a book proves to warrant an extended review or a review article (normally a maximum of 3,000 words) the agreement of the editors should be sought in advance for such a variation in length. It is acceptable to write a short review where a book can be quickly assessed.

Follow our style guide when writing a review.

The name of the Reviewer should appear at the end of the Review or short notice, on the right-hand side of the sheet. For review articles, adopt the layout of an article and identify the books under consideration in a first footnote marked by an asterisk attached to the end of the title.

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