As a member of the BAHS, you receive two issues of Rural History Today each year. All issues are also available in PDF. Please send items for inclusion to the editor by the first week of December for the February issue and by the first week of June for the August issue.

Contributor guidelines

Please supply copy justified left in a standard font and size (e.g. Times New Roman 12 point) with no paragraph indentations and no bold type.

Images should be high resolution, ideally JPEGs, that can be used freely and without impinging copyright. Please send images separately, not placed within a document.

Contributions should be either circa 1,200-1,300 words or 600-700 words – as requested by the editor. They should represent the original work of the contributor/s and not infringe the copyright of others.

The editor will make every effort to liaise with authors over any changes or cuts made to their copy, but contributors should be aware that late alterations might be necessary, in which case it might not always be possible, or practical, to consult.

For general style guidelines please refer to the Agricultural History Review style guide.

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